Cleansing Oil: Not Just For Your Face


About a year and a half ago, there was a cleansing oil boom. No one could escape it. Fighting oil with oil became the main topic of our conversations. Even the least aficionado of skincare aficionados had to have some idea that swiping some coconut oil over their eyes could remove their makeup and nourish their skin. It all seemed so straightforward. Or at least, that's what we thought.

The thing about flooding the market with one type of product is that people will tire of it unless it sufficiently evolves. And cleansing oil is no slouch—evolve it has, and now there's even more oil to go around—for every part of your body. Really, it only makes sense. So let's start at the top:

For your hair: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Yes, your shampoo can stop working. But if you haven't warmed up to the idea of a true-to-its-name clarifying shampoo (it's too stripping, makes hair even more unmanageable), then this is your product. It has the power to remove all that nitty-gritty from your hair—product buildup, sweat, the works—without taking everything away and leaving you with sad, dry hair. Additional notes: If at first you do not lather, try, try again. Lack of suds does not mean it's not working; it just means your hair is really that dirty, and you should probably double cleanse.

For your face: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Apparently one of these cleansing oils is sold every 10 seconds. And who can blame all those people? In comparison to many, DHC's is rather reasonably priced, and the minimalist design is on point. But beyond that, it is no-nonsense in its ability to clean your face, and that's refreshing. No sickly scent, no leftover residue after you rinse. Really, it's the consummate cleansing oil. Keep this one on reorder.

For your body: Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil

OK, this one is just fun. It doesn't feel oily, rather it will remind you of any other fancy shower gels you've tried, so you've just got to trust that the oil is in there, laying low. What's not laying low? The glitter. Yes, this gel is sparkly. That classic Nuxe Prodigieux scent is there, too. (Did you know they had a perfume in the line?!) But with the sparkle, the fragrance doesn't stick around post-shower. All that's left is you feeling clean but well-attended to. And that's certainly worth something.

Photographed by Tom Newton. Give your tips on oil cleansing right here.