Contouring, By Mario

At one point in the not so distant past, we published Kardashian Contouring By The Numbers. It took 10 brushes, 17 products, and 30-minutes minimum to get the look right. But then again, we're not professionals.

Mario Dedivanovic is, however. In fact, he's the professional when it comes to contouring (kontouring?). There was no way he was leaving this office last time he stopped by without giving a little tutorial. He says it should only take you maybe two minutes–but maybe that's just his expertise talking. Follow along and report your findings:

First, prep the skin with a little foundation (he keeps his a secret, so just use whatever suits you best). Next, grab your contouring supplies—Mario recommends a cream palette like the Cream Contour Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but you can use a matte powder bronzer, too. Take a foundation brush (his is Trish McEvoy) and brush a line along the hollows of the cheeks—easily unearth by sucking in your cheeks for a second. Then, use a Beautyblender sponge to soften the edges. The goal should be a shadow, not a defined line.

Cheekbones are the obvious starter canvas, but no need to stop there if you're feeling ambitious. Shape up your forehead and define your jaw—but go easy at first. Beginners tend to have a heavy hand. But don't get discouraged—it really is easier than it looks. Watch the video for more.

Shot by Tom Newton. Produced by Amna Ahmad.

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