The Best Organic Shampoo Is Only $10


I’ve grown accustomed to dealing with my share of hair damage, and I’ve grown equally accustomed to (if not comfortable with) shelling out for ultra-rich, non-sulfate, pure-organic, new-ingredient-craze shampoos and conditioners. The thing is, in the beginning it’s easy—almost fun—to spend big on the good stuff. You’re feeling particular penitent (having just royally fucked your hair) and getting the expensive stuff feels both like a repentant tithe and a quick-fix, hair-restoring miracle. “Maybe it will all be better now,” you think, as you glom on a handful of conditioner.

A few bottles and months down the road, it becomes obvious that, despite the expense, your hair is still damaged. Give up on the idea of a miracle—what you need is a good manager, a Michael Clayton for your hair. I’ve personally got Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner on retainer. It’s talked me off the ledge of an impulse haircut many times. And now, my hair is basking in a halo of positive reception.

The totally organic shampoo (yep, sulfate-free) gets you right up to the too-clean edge of a sulfate shampoo (take heart, oily-haired people) but isn’t stripping or color-fading, and it suds up and distributes pretty well for a sulfate-lacking formula. Your hair feels just thirsty enough for the conditioner, which is creamy, not too thick, and you can leave it on for a few hours as a mask too. It won’t weigh you down or make your neck break out. The results are great for about a day—after which, I'd recommend shampooing and conditioning again.

Mercifully, it’s cheap. Like, almost suspiciously cheap—how it even possible that it’s 100 percent organic, with all-natural ingredients, no sulfates, and only $10 a piece? It’s like time-traveling back to a world where cars cost $300 and lunch was a quarter—you’d feel like you were in a pre-inflation period film if it weren’t for the fact that you’re standing in the middle of the haircare aisle at Target. It’s cheap, it’s natural, and it’s total beauty-bait. The name’s pretty apt too—it’s the closest thing you’ll get to a cure for your damage. If your image needs a little rehabilitation, get thee to that old-timey Tar-ghey.

—Trace Barnhill