Workout: Karen Lord's Legs For Butt

She's back! Assuming your arms still work after last week's Arms for Abs series, here is Part II of Karen Lord's killer good home Pilates routine (all you need is a mat—or some carpeting if you don't have a mat!). Come to think of it, it really doesn't matter if your arms work or not for these exercises—to take a break from your hand weights, you'll be working your legs, powered by your core and your glutes. It's a little longer than last week's installment, but still short enough to do anytime you've got 15 minutes to spare. A few things to keep in mind: the burn means it's working, and just think about how much you'll love your jeans once you're done.

The Weekend Workout is a regular series at Into The Gloss, focused on bringing some of the most effective workouts into your living room, basement, or really anywhere else you like being active. Tune back in each week for new routines. Produced by Maya Margolina.