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Workout: Karen Lord's Arms For Abs Series

Welcome back to the Weekend Workout, a series of exercise routines specially crafted to do at home. If you joined us last week with ModelFit Co-Founder Vanessa Packer, we admire your momentum. If not, there's no time like the present to get started. Hop to it:

Pilates is a workout for loungers. In it's most traditional format, it's performed on a reformer machine, complete with moving chassis and tightly wound resistance springs. But don't let the recumbent position fool you; this workout is as challenging as it is comfortable.

Now, not everyone is going to go out and buy themselves the proper Pilates equipment. Karen Lord, of Karen Lord Pilates Movement, knows this. So she's created a two-part Pilates-inspired home workout that you can do on your floor, in front of the television, near your bed, what have you. This week is Part I: Arms for Abs—in layman's terms, you'll be working your arms while also using your abs (tune in next week for Legs for Butt, which is the same concept, just lower down). It's a concentrated 5-minute routine that can be done with some light hand weights, three times a week for optimal results. Seeing that today is Michelle Obama's birthday, it's all very fitting indeed.

The Weekend Workout is a regular series at Into The Gloss, focused on bringing some of the most effective workouts into your living room, basement, or really anywhere else you like being active. Tune back in each week for new routines. Produced by Maya Margolina.