Milla Jovovich On Treating Skincare Like A Diet


Advice to keep in mind with impending winter storms, less-than-nutritious holiday food, and the eventual resolution to detox it all away...

'Once your skin gets too used to something it sort of deadens the effect of it, so I try to cycle between lots of products. One day I’ll use one type of serum and another day I’ll use something else. One day I’ll use one type of moisturizer and the next I’ll do something else. Obviously you should use whatever works for you, but I think it’s important to circulate what you’re putting on your skin. It’s the same with training. My trainer says, 'If you eat the same food every day…'—which we normally do; I’ve been having Caesar salads with chicken every day since I’ve gotten here [Cannes]—'your metabolism stops working really hard because it gets used to it. You have to shock your metabolism constantly.' If your diet is always different, your body doesn’t know what’s coming at it. Today it’s fish, tomorrow it’s a little bit of chicken! The next day it’s beans! You want your body to always be working, your metabolism to be high, because when your metabolism is high everything just renews more.”

—Milla Jovovich, in her Top Shelf

Milla Jovovich photographed by Emily Weiss.