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Elle Fanning Makes A Case For Skin-Toned Clothing


When it comes to wearing a garment that blends in with your skin, my theory is that it all boils down to contrast. To start, your primary piece should be the cloth version of your favorite luminizer and blush blended into one. You want something a little flushed and glowy.

But the next step is potentially more important. Here, Elle Fanning underscores her ideal color with dark details, which provide some much-needed definition. Her new hair color also acts as an accent, an antidote to becoming a washed out. Blondes, try dresses a touch warmer . And darker complexions, go for accessories high-contrast in the opposite direction, in tans, peaches, and bright whites. These details make the look feminine, but far from naked.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via Getty Images.