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'The Mommy Glow' with Julia Restoin Roitfeld

'Moisturizer is the base for my makeup, because I like a glowy, dewy, shiny look—I’d never use powder—so I always start with cream. Then, I put on concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, or, if I have time and I’m going out, I’ll use Armani Maestro, a mixture of # 2 and # 6.5, and I only use one or two drops. When it comes to putting color on my face, like blush, I’m less experimental. As you grow up, you figure out what looks better on you, and as much as I love to play with color, it’s just so much easier to play it safe. For an everyday look, I use Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel as blush, or the Summer 2013 Bronzing Palette that a makeup artist from Armani gave to me—I love Armani makeup. It’s nice because it has another secret compartment underneath with an eye-shadow palette. Today, I used Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in #11 as a blush because it gives a shine that I like.

For my eyes, I think an eyelash curler makes me look much more awake, even when I haven't gotten much sleep. It's a really important tool for a mom to have. The MAC one works for me. Then, I use tons of mascara—that’s my favorite thing. I’m so bad applying it, but I do it anyways. The Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara in #1 is the one that I’ve been using a lot lately, but I also love Voluminous from L’Oréal. When I’m done with the mascara, and there is almost nothing left on the brush, I use the wand to brush my eyebrows, as well. They are already quite dark, but I don’t find them intense enough, so I like to push it. I sometimes apply eyeliner— Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in #1 Black—and smudge it with my fingers really quickly to give it a little lift, almost a cat eye. It’s all about giving a lift now.” —Julia Restoin Roitfeld's postpartum Top Shelf