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Charlotte Tilbury's 'The Perfect Brow'

Crafting the “perfect brow” is sort of the Mount Everest of beauty “basics'—many have fallen, or been otherwise foiled, in their attempt to reach the top (AKA the perfect arch). Some of us made mistakes in middle and high school, for which we are still paying. Should you pluck or wax? Or should you go caveman and wear them au naturel? Well, whatever your preference at the moment, it seems like the new trend, if you can call it that, is to replicate the 1950s-esque bold brow. Credit Cara Delevingne (she should be a paid spokeswoman for the thick brow), or even this month's Winona Ryder Interview cover, but we have become increasingly focused on our lower foreheads.

But what to do? Ask today's Top Shelf subject, Charlotte Tilbury. Just in the nick of time, the makeup-artist extraordinaire teamed up with Net-A-Porter to teach the brow-befuddled among us how to emulate Cara on a daily basis—consider it a less permanent homage to the 'It' model than a lion finger tattoo. Cheers!