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A Glossier Holiday: Introducing The Mask Duo Set

Like a box of chocolates, only for more glowing and radiant skin (plus assembly video, starring our own Annie Kreighbaum, inside...)Read more >


Ella Weisskamp, Photographer

The Australian-born, California-bred Boy Brow model shares her favorite $10 moisturizer—and other beauty tipsRead more >

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#GRWM: Linda Bui

Wake up and get ready with Glossier's Product & Operations Manager (plus her adorable dog) in her Williamsburg apartment that looks more like paradise than BrooklynRead more >

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Meet The Team: Ali & Umaimah

On the difference between startups and corporate jobs and how to magically become a morning person on MondaysRead more >

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Meet The Team: Jan & Jessica

Two of the people responsible for making sure this site (plus actually runsRead more >

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Meet The Team: Linda Bui, Product & Operations Manager

Sometimes getting a new job is as simple as being outgoing on LinkedInRead more >

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Just In: Boy Brow

As Brow Month comes to a close, we'd like to introduce you to the product that inspired the whole idea in the first placeRead more >

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Meet The Team: Liana Weston, Talent & Bookings Manager

Glossier's talent whisperer on pursuing every opportunity—and her dream cover shoot with Bill Murray and RihannaRead more >

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Meet The Team: Kim Johnson, Community Manager

Fun fact: She's one of Glossier's longest-running employees (she started interning in 2013)Read more >

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Meet The Team: Eva Alt, Social Media Editor

"My mom taught me three lessons that pertain to beauty: wash your face, wear lipstick, and don't let anyone touch your eyebrows"Read more >

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Pink Is A Neutral

A bit of background on how Glossier landed on its signature colorRead more >

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Meet The Team: Claire Knebl, Managing Editor

"I went through a huge Nars Pressed Powder phase, putting on pressed powder all the time. I was still doing that when I came to work here and Tom was like, ‘Stop—you can wear other things.’"Read more >


Oh Cool, It's Brow Month!

A whole month of brows?! We're not plucking kiddingRead more >

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What's Your Brow Story?

All tweezing, waxing, threading, grooming philosophies welcomeRead more >

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Meet The Team: Emily Ferber, Editor

"Early in your career—if you want to be a writer especially—you don't have the luxury of saying no."Read more >

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Meet The Team: Tom Newton, New Media Editor & Photographer

Curious about who takes all those model portraits and product shots on ITG? Wonder no moreRead more >

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Crystal Noreiga, Model

"If I wasn't a model, my hair would probably be blue or something. And I'd have more piercings. I like stuff like that."Read more >

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Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO, Glossier

"It's funny the things you get excited by when you turn 30."Read more >

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Into The Gloss Turns Five

Emily Weiss looks back at the initial inspiration behind ITG—and how that has evolved into GlossierRead more >

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Glossier Balm Dotcom Is On Net-a-Porter!

Get the newly packaged threesome while they're hot—and available just about anywhere in the worldRead more >

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Watch The Top Shelf Live

Tune in to last night's panel about beauty in real life, featuring Emily Weiss, Leandra Medine, Kate Young, and Elaine WelterothRead more >

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Coco Baudelle, Model

Glossier Girl from Day 1, she talks about working behind the Dior counter while going to law school, and what lets her skin breatheRead more >

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Belle Kröl, Illustrator

The Argentine star of the Coconut Balm Dotcom campaign on how Glossier found her (or how she found us, really) and which ads are good enough to get her to buy makeupRead more >

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Grace Villamil, Artist

The artist turned our conference room into an immersive Escape Room and talks about ditching pastel hair for summer and the products she uses to calm her skin downRead more >


Inside The Glossier 2015 Summer Showroom

The Glossier 2015 Summer Showroom is now closed, but here's a look back at last summer's penthouse celebrationRead more >

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New Glossier Alert!

The Balm Dotcom like you’ve never smelled it beforeRead more >

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Glossier Does Masks

And they're pretty darn excellent, if we do say so ourselvesRead more >