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#GRWM: Emily Weiss

Featuring Korean finishing powder, Nars Het Loo, and flat iron wavesRead more >

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Meet The Team: Adriana & Dilan

On taking a brand and turning it into really great packagingRead more >

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Meet The Team: Annie Kreighbaum, Executive Editor

On what not to do with lash dye you've purchased on AmazonRead more >

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Emily Ferber, Editor, Into The Gloss

"In your early 20s, I think it's really easy to feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I have to remind myself that I'm actually doing OK. A bath usually helps."Read more >

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The Glossier Cleanser: Milky Jelly Is Here!

Four hundred comments, 40+ trials, and more than a year later, we present to you our dream cleanserRead more >

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The ITG Community Guidelines—A Note From Us

What does Glossier's growth mean for Into The Gloss? Good question!Read more >

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Meet The Team: Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO

Answering burning questions like, "What's your favorite Drake song?"Read more >

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Meet The Team: Nina & Kelly

All about strategy, stories, and Seamless ordersRead more >

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Meet The Team: Emily Mullaney, Customer Experience Coordinator

On the difference between customer service and good customer serviceRead more >

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Meet The Team: Nadine & Sandra

On working with your best friends, and a little about horoscopesRead more >

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Meet The Team: Helen Steed, Creative Director

How her short hair redirected her career in beauty and what's different about being at GlossierRead more >

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Meet The Team: Brennan Kilbane, Editorial Assistant

On how the site has changed since 2013 (back when he was an intern)Read more >


Win A Free Paintbox Manicure (+ Glossier, Too)!

The only thing better than giving a great gift is getting two for freeRead more >

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Meet The Team: Minsuk & Sarah

Did you see us on Facebook? Or maybe in a magazine? Thank these two.Read more >

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Meet The Team: Henry & Matt

You might recognize them from our Boys Of Glossier video...Read more >

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A Glossier Holiday: Introducing The Mask Duo Set

Like a box of chocolates, only for more glowing and radiant skin (plus assembly video, starring our own Annie Kreighbaum, inside...)Read more >


Ella Weisskamp, Photographer

The Australian-born, California-bred Boy Brow model shares her favorite $10 moisturizer—and other beauty tipsRead more >

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#GRWM: Linda Bui

Wake up and get ready with Glossier's Product & Operations Manager (plus her adorable dog) in her Williamsburg apartment that looks more like paradise than BrooklynRead more >