#GRWM: Cyndle Komarovski

The makeup artist demonstrates some of her best, wearable work on a familiar canvas—her own faceRead more >


#GRWM: Cherie Camacho

Watch how Glossier's Administrative Coordinator gets ready in the morning and is still the first in the office every dayRead more >


#GRWM: Coco Baudelle

Rise and shine with Glossier campaign girl Coco Baudelle as she gets ready for the day (featuring a video she shot herself)Read more >

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Glossier Phase 2: Makeup!

Meet our newest set—Generation G Lipstick, Stretch Concealer, and Boy Brow (!)—and watch our launch day livestream with Executive Editor Annie Kreighbaum insideRead more >

The Professional

Romain Duquesne, Photographer & Anna Santangelo, Stylist

Two of the key players behind our Milky Jelly Cleanser campaign (they're also best friends) on how they met and got involved with Glossier—plus more on staying inspired while working in a hyper-creative industryRead more >

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Meet The Team: Cherie & Lynley

There are a surprising number of Carlos Santana references in hereRead more >

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#GRWM: Emily Weiss

Featuring Korean finishing powder, Nars Het Loo, and flat iron wavesRead more >

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Meet The Team: Adriana & Dilan

On taking a brand and turning it into really great packagingRead more >

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Meet The Team: Annie Kreighbaum, Executive Editor

On what not to do with lash dye you've purchased on AmazonRead more >

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Emily Ferber, Editor, Into The Gloss

"In your early 20s, I think it's really easy to feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I have to remind myself that I'm actually doing OK. A bath usually helps."Read more >

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The Glossier Cleanser: Milky Jelly Is Here!

Four hundred comments, 40+ trials, and more than a year later, we present to you our dream cleanserRead more >

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The ITG Community Guidelines—A Note From Us

What does Glossier's growth mean for Into The Gloss? Good question!Read more >

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Meet The Team: Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO

Answering burning questions like, "What's your favorite Drake song?"Read more >

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Meet The Team: Nina & Kelly

All about strategy, stories, and Seamless ordersRead more >

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Meet The Team: Emily Mullaney, Customer Experience Coordinator

On the difference between customer service and good customer serviceRead more >

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Meet The Team: Nadine & Sandra

On working with your best friends, and a little about horoscopesRead more >

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Meet The Team: Helen Steed, Creative Director

How her short hair redirected her career in beauty and what's different about being at GlossierRead more >

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Meet The Team: Brennan Kilbane, Editorial Assistant

On how the site has changed since 2013 (back when he was an intern)Read more >


Win A Free Paintbox Manicure (+ Glossier, Too)!

The only thing better than giving a great gift is getting two for freeRead more >

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Meet The Team: Minsuk & Sarah

Did you see us on Facebook? Or maybe in a magazine? Thank these two.Read more >