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Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot sexierRead more >

Book Club

How To Dress For Success

"Most American women dress for failure. Do you?" —some guy from 37 years agoRead more >

The Top Shelf

Ambra Medda, Co-Founder & Creative Director, L’ArcoBaleno

On good design, the greatest toner, and how an unsolicited gift from Robert Downey Jr. became one of her beauty staplesRead more >

Five Cool Things

Wedding Bands For All!

Why should the married folk have a monopoly on simple band rings?Read more >

Five Cool Things

The Best Longline Bras

For when you need a few more hooks to get comfortableRead more >

The Extras

How To Dress Like An '80s Spy

On emulating Keri Russell's look from 'The Americans'Read more >

The Extras

Black Nail Polish: Yea or Nay?

An open thread dedicated to whether or not to say so long to the goth nail hueRead more >

As Told To ITG

Charlotte Carey Goes Fire Red

Our pal—who happens to also be the go-to NYC colorist for all things blond—Aura Friedman sent an email last week with a pretty enticing subject line: "Charlotte Carey Makeover.Read more >


Beauty Chemistry: Blue-Tinted Hair

For when a faint hint of color is all you're looking forRead more >

Five Cool Things

Bikinis Not Made Out Of Dental Floss

Fuller-coverage options, because we're ladies sometimesRead more >

Book Club

Naomi Campbell Is Psychic (Also, A Novelist)

No seriously, her book predicted ANTM and the 1999 YSL spring ad campaign... in 1994Read more >

Five Cool Things

A Moment For Black Denim

Featuring the greatest pair of black denim jeans ever createdRead more >

The Technique

DIY: 3 Metallic Leaf Nail Looks

Who needs metallic polish when you can use real gold, silver, and copper?Read more >

Five Cool Things

Florals You Want To Wear, Now

Who cares if spring is weeks away—let's start breaking out the flower printsRead more >

The Professional

Joe Zee

The stylist on the power of persistence, styling Mariah Carey's "Honey" video, and bringing sexy back for Justin Timberlake (and every dude today in a vest and skinny tie)Read more >

The Face

Kendall Jenner Walks Marc Jacobs

Kim K's little sister is officially a runway model: "This is my big kick-off to start and grow my career."Read more >

Hair Ideas

Give Your Lover A Lock Of Hair

It's the perfectly macabre last-minute Valentine's giftRead more >

The Face

Frida Kamau, Artist

"I make my own skin oil from raw Shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E. I just make a big batch in a blender and it lasts me forever."Read more >

The Backstage

Caroline Trentini at Alexander Wang Fall 2014

The Brazilian model on the best stretch-mark cream, breastfeeding, and getting back into the fashion gameRead more >