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The Professional

Jessica Diehl, Fashion & Style Director, Vanity Fair

The German-born fashion editor on breaking into magazines, working with famous actresses, and the difference between honesty and "slapping people over the head with the truth"Read more >

The Professional

Laura Mercier

The makeup mogul talks her most-copied products, working with Madonna, and what she loves the most about 'real women'Read more >

The Professional

Talking Scents with Francis Kurkdjian

A master perfumer sounds off on synthetic ingredients, NYC's scent trends, and what jasmine and horse manure have in commonRead more >

The Professional

Iman, Part 2

How the fashion icon went from student to supermodel (twists include a Nairobi street scouting, a forged passport, and playing muse to Saint Laurent)Read more >

The Professional

Haley Alexander van Oosten

Perfume creation as alchemy? Inside the studio (and mind) of one of America's foremost fragrance designersRead more >

The Professional

James Pecis, Hairstylist

"I think a lot of the times hairdressers think too much like a ‘hairdresser,’ and not enough like a kid."Read more >

The Professional

Christiaan Houtenbos

The iconic Dutch hairstylist on the New York's 1960s hair revolution, inventing the undercut, and "letting Kate be Kate"Read more >

The Professional

Essie Weingarten, Founder, Essie Cosmetics

"I loved getting my nails done as a little girl. It was my favorite treat.Read more >

The Professional

J. Colby Smith, Piercer, New York Adorned

“I’m one of two piercers at New York Adorned, and I’ve been there for seven years now.Read more >

The Professional

Christophe Robin, Hair Colorist

“I’m from the Champagne area in the East side of France. I grew up in a village of 160 people, and my parents were farmers.Read more >

The Professional

Ben Gorham, Perfumer

"My mother is from India, and my dad is half Scottish, half French Canadian.Read more >

The Professional

Jeanine Lobell, Makeup Artist

“My parents are from Queens, but I grew up in Sweden. Then I moved to London.Read more >

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