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Stacey Nishimoto

Stacey is based out of Los Angeles. She’s a stylist, makeup artist, and owner of Instashop The Corner Store. Minimal at heart, she's still got a soft spot for romantic decadence. Prefers divine inspiration over reality.

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The Selfie

The Best Concealer For Under Eyes

Part II of her "The Best Concealer For What Ails You" series, this week Stacey teaches us all to look more aliveRead more >

The Selfie

The Best Concealer For Acne-Prone Skin

For the blemishes that decide to call your face home for the better part of a month, a buildable formula that blends seamlesslyRead more >

The Selfie

The Grownup Approach To Ponytails

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you're beyond some artfully deployed pigtailsRead more >

The Selfie

A New Way To Approach Bold Eye Makeup

So you're bored of your eyeshadow palettes. Stacey Nishimoto's solution? Stop painting your eyelids as usual and try out an eye accent insteadRead more >

The Selfie

Lip Liner Is Back

Four ways to shape shift your face and look soft—not severe—with lip linerRead more >

The Selfie

The Easy, One-Color Eye Look

Stacey goes low-tech this week with bold, bright cream eye color and no brushes for a surprisingly soft eye looks to try this weekendRead more >

The Selfie

The Crying Lip

Get the perfect flushed lips—no tears necessaryRead more >

The Selfie

Not-So-Basic Brows, A Tutorial

Multiple steps with multiple colors, for brows that have just as much depth as you doRead more >

The Selfie

Twiggy Lashes Gone Modern

A tutorial ripe for your weekend pickings, courtesy of ITG's resident makeup geniusRead more >


Art Now: Petra Cortright

A Stella McCartney favorite, Petra Cortright has turned the idea of being a cam girl into fine artRead more >

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