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Things We Finish: Caudalie Premiere Cru The Cream


If Caudalíe Premiere Cru The Cream were an Iggy Azalea song, it would be “Fancy.” This stuff has everything: resveratrol, olive oil unsaponifiables, gold foil. In addition to being posh like Mrs. Beckham, though, it's also a good moisturizer. It's not magic, but then again nothing is, and (unless it's hilarious) I literally chuck all product marketing materials in the recycling...sorry nice PR people! So is it going “lift' or “enliven' or do whatever arch wizardry the ads claim? I doubt that any topical can defy the laws of gravity. But it's a deep moisturizer that doesn't feel heavy at all, absorbs superbly—which isn't an adjective I'd use unless I meant it—and gives your skin a pretty, dewy finish without making your face feel like the grease trap on a deep fryer.

Also, holy moly does this stuff go a long way. I was using a single pump 2x a day over the winter, and I didn't need anything else. It's insanely hydrating even though it feels like a much lighter cream. People whose skin isn't perpetually, annoyingly dry will probably be like “meh' when I say that, but if your normal routine involves multiple layers of oil, moisturizer, eye cream, tinted moisturizer, and any other emollient thing you can dig out of your Caboodle, you'll appreciate what it means to be able to dab a couple drops of something on your face and be done. It also (helps) justify the price if you're currently on a multi-moisturizer regimen. So much time savings! Maybe some savings-savings! Such convenience! Next time this stuff's available in one of those little deluxe sample kits at Sephora, I highly suggest you use some of your well-earned points to give this puppy a try.

—Lacey Gattis

Photo by Lacey Gattis.