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Five Cool Things

The Best Longline Bras

For when you need a few more hooks to get comfortableRead more >

The Extras

Black Nail Polish: Yea or Nay?

An open thread dedicated to whether or not to say so long to the goth nail hueRead more >


The Real Story Of Dr. Bronner and His Magic Soap

A new interview with his grandson reveals details from Dr. Bronner's remarkable past—including that one time he escaped from a mental institutionRead more >


Beauty Chemistry: Blue-Tinted Hair

For when a faint hint of color is all you're looking forRead more >

Five Cool Things

Bikinis Not Made Out Of Dental Floss

Fuller-coverage options, because we're ladies sometimesRead more >


Video: The Definitive Strong Brow Tutorial

A nontraditional approach to achieving the Cara Delevingne browRead more >

Five Cool Things

A Moment For Black Denim

Featuring the greatest pair of black denim jeans ever createdRead more >

The Technique

DIY: 3 Metallic Leaf Nail Looks

Who needs metallic polish when you can use real gold, silver, and copper?Read more >

Five Cool Things

Florals You Want To Wear, Now

Who cares if spring is weeks away—let's start breaking out the flower printsRead more >


Alternate Endings: Sex And The City

What if Carrie wasn't "the one" for Big?Read more >

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