The FastPass To A Good Hair Day


Hair masks expect too much from us. As if washing my hair was not arduous enough as it is! With a hair mask I’m expected to not only 1. wash my hair, but 2. get out of the shower, 3. apply some goo, 4. let my hair marinate in that goo without staining my chairs, walls, or other places I might rest my head, and then 5. jump back in the shower to wash my hair a second time. Then do I condition? I don’t know—I rarely get that far in the process to know for sure.

So, hair masks: not a big thing for me. I wish I could tell you the real reason I reached for Davines The Restless Circle the other day. Honestly, I can’t remember why I did. Perhaps it’s because all this time at home has me examining my ends more frequently and realizing they’re quite the sorry state of affairs. I unearthed the “on the go, invisible anti-breakage hair mask” during one of the many closet excavations I’ve fearlessly embarked on in the past month and let me tell you—this shit is excellent. On all fronts! The packaging! It’s a tiny pouch! In a word: irresistible.

But the real selling point is the routine. The Restless Circle knows your time is precious. It says, go for it—apply directly to dirty hair, no pre-wash. How thoughtful! This also makes it the perfect mask to spend the day in. I slathered my whole head—roots to ends—in the grapefruit-scented goo to spice up a recent Sunday chores day (and also to compel myself to wash my hair at the end of it). Once it soaks in, it all but disappears; my hair looked sleek and slicked back, not coated in erstwhile conditioner. I’d happily use it as an alternative to styling on a muggy day when I want to keep frizz down.

After washing (eventually) and blowdrying (with the Dyson Airwrap—the single best investment I’ve ever made in myself), I immediately started having a good hair day. My hair was more willing to smooth when coaxed. And no need for my usual flatiron + smoothing cream double whammy afterwards to keep my triangle-head at bay. The laundry list continues! The grapefruit scent lasted for days. The pouch is resealable and lasts for roughly three go-rounds, depending on your hair length. Oh and it's $10. Like, we get it already! Those smartypants at Davines sure do their homework, alright.

—Emily Ferber

Photo via ITG