The Creative Director Who Buys Beauty By Founder


“My name is Ryan Lopes (@rylopes) and I am a creative director based in my charming hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. I get to do what I love but I’m always working, which very much influences my beauty routine. I do a lot of research for my job, but I also like to research into the brands I support—Fran Miller who owns F. Miller Skincare paved a path of wellness for me, and Neada Deters who owns Lesse was influential to my routine, too. I like having a connection to the things I use every day, and researching beauty brands makes their products more personal. Some new brands that I’m currently researching are Primary Elements, Sphaera, and The Nue Co.. My best advice is to ask questions, do research, and figure out what it is you love about a certain brand or product before purchasing.

I don’t wear makeup at all, unless it’s the Glow Stick from Noto, so my beauty routine is mostly skincare. For a while I thought my skin needed a lot, but I’ve come to learn that all the extra steps were actually causing my breakouts. I haven’t used nor needed them in some time. Now I start with the Living Libations Best Skin Ever oil cleanser with sandalwood. I bought it after reading an interview with the founder about the benefits of oil for skin, hair and even orally. After cleansing, I apply aloe vera gel for added moisture. Right now I’m using the one from Badger, which you can get at Whole Foods. It helps with scarring and shaving. Otherwise I use the Cle Cosmetics vitamin C serum—I usually use the aloe in the morning, and the vitamin C at night. If I’m in a rush, a cleanse and the Facial Treatment Balm from Guy Morgan Apothecary is enough moisture to last the day. But if I want something extra, I either apply my F. Miller facial oil or Ritual Serum by Lesse.

Most masks are too drying for me, and leave my face red. The only one I like is the Bioactive Face Mask from Lesse. I have never gotten facial, and using this mask is the closest I’ve felt to having one. It leaves my face noticeably dewy and moisturized and never dries me out. I use it whenever my skin wants a little extra hydration. For body, I love applying F. Miller’s Body Oil on damp skin, and covering places that need extra TLC with Lauren’s All Purpose Salve.

I have had bleached blonde hair for about a year now, which is lots of maintenance. I love it! But I’m constantly conditioning and toning. I usually apply a leave-in mixed with some oil from my bathroom apothecary, then wear a du-rag or cap to set my hair. From constantly dyeing and over-processing my hair, my natural texture has loosened and now I have waves. Pro-tip: I wouldn’t recommend bleaching your hair unless you’re OK with the fact that you might have to cut it off. Bleach is extremely damaging and while it looks nice, it essentially wears down the strength of your natural hair.

I try not to add anything to my routine before I’m able to determine why exactly I’m seeking change. Sometimes I think pretty long and hard about it! And it all pays off because the less I use, the more satisfaction I get in the long term.”

—as told to ITG

Photos via the author