If I Die, Bury Me In A Matching Sweatsuit


I’m a woman of leisure. I don’t believe in bras, I’m not all that fond of shaving, and if you offer me a glass of red wine at any hour of the day, I will drink it. This specific set of values corresponds with a distinct uniform. The regalia of a modern woman just trying to have it all in the big city: The Matching Sweatsuit. Worn first by athletes, the sweatsuit has been co-opted by soldiers like me, fearlessly charging into battle for Meghan Markle on Instagram and Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. It’s perfect for that polished look that screams, “I don’t want to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!” Pair it with heels or sneakers—whatever you choose you will look chic. And if you don’t believe me, trust the likes of the young, beautiful, rich and famous aka Zendaya, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and, of course, Kimberly Kardashian-West, who have all pioneered the matching jumpsuit lewk.

The Future of Fashion

If you want to look like you’re in a happier episode of Black Mirror (think "Hang the DJ" and "San Junipero"), this is the futuristic jumpsuit for you. It’s the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever owned in life. I want to be buried in this jumpsuit, but until that fateful day, I will continue wearing it every Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn. You can’t miss me in the big red jumpsuit screaming about how great it is to all the patrons of Prospect Park.

Shop the sweatshirt($88) and sweatpants($88) now.

The Gigi Hadid

Was Gigi Hadid throwing shade at former-Bachelor contestant Tyler Cameron with this Boys Lie jumpsuit? Quite possibly, but none of that really matters. The real story here is this incredible ensemble. The brand Boys Lie was created by two women who had recently gotten over huge breakups so they launched sweatsuits. Comfy heartbreak icons.

Shop the set ($175) now.

The Rainbow Brite

If Rainbow Brite grew up, moved to the big city, and got a job in editorial or PR, she would splurge on this set. Described by LoveShack Fancy as “impossibly cozy” the alpaca-wool blend is the absolute perfect winter outfit. If you are not up for the pinks and blues, LSF offers a calmer burnt orange color option.

Shop the Blossom Top ($475) and Pant($325)now.

The One You Could Wear to Work

I am constantly served ads on Instagram for LeSet and let me tell you, it is working! All I want in this life are pants that I can wear to work and wear to bed. Can women really have it all? With these pants, maybe.

Shop the Lori Pocket Pant($180) now.

The Comfy Cashmere

I call this my "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" jumpsuit. Doesn't this just scream celebrity airport street style? The plane's runway is also my runway.

Shop the Cashmere Jogger Suit ($175) now.

The Classic

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When your sweater matches the weather.

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Beloved by all, the Everlane cashmere sweatpants are pure luxe. It’s a slim fit that hugs your body in all the right places. The dreamy pants pair best with the matching cashmere sweater, but you probably could get away with wearing this with anything from a plain tee to a button down blouse.

Shop The Cashmere Sweatpant($140) and The Cashmere Crew(https://www.everlane.com/products/womens-cashmere-crew2-black) ($100) now.

—Chloe Hall

Photo via ITG