Baby Yoda, Jedi Master


Think it’s hard keeping up with the news cycle? Try keeping up with the meme cycle—it refreshes as fast as you can pull down your screen to reveal a whole slew of new posts, and isn’t too concerned with making sense in any logical, narrative way. This week’s meme du jour involves one very tiny creature from The Mandalorian, the new Star Wars spin-off that lives exclusively on Disney+. Baby Yoda memes have reached such ubiquity that the internet has already given the little guy its own Top Shelf (thanks Darcie!). Who are we to deny the people what they want?

And anyway, we’d be lying if we weren’t wondering how a 50-year-old alien manages to look so goddamn infantile. Is it retinol? Lots of sunscreen? Is it just genetics—and, while we’re on the subject, what is Baby Yoda anyway? Whatever it’s using is what Ziwe Fumudoh (of “How do I look like a googoo gaga motherfucker?” Top Shelf fame) is looking for. Since we can’t ask Baby Yoda, we’re asking you: What do you think is its secret to looking so adorably young? Curious we are—you think in the comments tell us what.

Photo via Disney+