The Thanksgiving Skincare Marathon


It’s Thanksgiving week, y'all. Chances are you’re headed home for the holiday and your butt’s about to enjoy the comforts of staying glued to the family couch. Or if you’re like me, you’ve somehow wiggled out of all family holiday plans and are doing your “own thing” (AKA avoiding airports and living in a pair of sweatpants while you watch Smart Guy on Disney+). Whatever your holiday plans bring, I say the extensive turkey dinner should be met with extensive skin care planning. You know what pairs best with that Alison Roman celery and leeks stuffing recipe? A few serums and maybe a face mask! Of course.

This Thanksgiving, why don’t you make it the Superbowl of eating and skincare? You know you’ve got time to spare. Here’s where to start.

8AM: Wake up flawless in a twin bed

Prep vegetables. Prep skin.

  • Wash
  • Peel
  • Pat dry

Applies to both.

Start your morning with three Glossier essentials to keep you clean and hydrated for the long day ahead. Milky Jelly Cleanser's gentle formula will get rid of dirt or makeup from the night before, and the Priming Moisturizer face cream is lightweight and buildable, so you can slather on as much as you need for the day. Finish with a swipe of Balm Dotcom and you're ready to face the family. Good luck.

12PM: It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Turkey goes in the oven, mask goes on face. The two are complementary because they both require a little prep work and a lot of waiting. The mask you’re looking for right now is something that will keep your skin hydrated every time you open up the oven “just to check.” A few favorites, below.

3PM: Crunch(y) Time

Time to focus on your skin while everyone else is focusing on plotting a pre-meal snack. Nothing says I’m prepping for something major like a gold eye mask.

5PM: The Main Event

It’s showtime and glow time. You’ve prepped all day and now it’s time to stunt on your annoying 13-year-old cousin who just started wearing makeup (you are human, you are not perfect). Opt for a burgundy red lip to pair nicely with the wine that’s keeping you sane.

Or go traditional with an orange motif on lids and cheeks.

8PM: A Skincare Step That’s Easy as Pie

Pumpkin on double duty—for dessert and the face. Who doesn’t love a second helping of skincare? Wash off all the work from the day and treat yourself to a seasonal pumpkin enzyme face mask.

10PM: The End.

Wipe and polish your kitchen and your face, moisturize, and store leftover stuffing (and serums) in the fridge, and head to bed. You’ve survived!

—Chloe Hall

Photo via ITG