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Nearly All Of Urban Outfitters' Beauty Section Is On Sale


A fake concert tee is one reason to visit Urban Outfitters. Its beauty department is another—especially now, because much of it is on sale. From now until October 7 you can save up to 33-percent on beauty online, and up to 20-percent if you shop in-store. That’s the good part. The bad is that close to 1,000 items are on sale, and who has the time to sift through all of that? Well actually, we do—and we did! And now we’re sharing the highlights with you. If you want to partake in the sale, here are the 10 things Team ITG thinks you’d like most. Happy shopping!


(Savings: 32-percent)

If you don’t have freckles and want them (or did have freckles that were all “Ight Imma head out” at the first sign of autumn) here are some for a reasonable price. Dot a few on top of foundation for the loveliest of optical illusions.

Fur Oil

(Savings: 22-percent)

The oil that keeps all of Emma Watson’s “fur,”—from brows to pubes—extra soft. Hermione wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Egyptian Magic

(Savings: 23-percent)

The founder of Egyptian Magic is LordPharaoh ImHotepAmonRa, a man formerly known as Westley Howard. And if that sounds a bit bananas, you’ll be pleased to learn his cream is as sane as you can get: honey, propolis, olive oil and not much else. Use it everywhere.


(Savings: 22-percent)

The Citypharma staple is also available at UO, and comes with the stamp of approval from models, French women and makeup artists. Need we say more?

Selfkaire Facial and Body Roller

(Savings: 20-percent)

An instant cure for the following aesthetic ailments: hangover face, crying face, too much salt face and the general puffiness of holding one’s stress in one’s jaw. All you have to do (after buying, of course) is throw it in the freezer.

Slip Silk Scrunchies

(Savings: 31-percent)

Just try not to lose all of them, OK?

Mario Badescu Facial Rosewater Spray

(Savings: 33-percent)

Not just for VSCO girls! Spray a little before applying moisturizer or oil for a quick hydration pick-me-up, or just spray it...whenever! There are no rules here, and at the very least, a light mist always feels good.

Wet Brush

(Savings: 33-percent)

The brush specifically made with detangling in mind. You save money and prevent your more delicate wet strands from snapping off.

Ohii Wakeup Pen

(Savings: 33-percent)

The peach pigment neutralizes dark undereye circles. The felt-tip brush makes it easier to blend around. And the sale price makes it a third more affordable to buy. All wins.

Oversized Padded Headband

(Savings: 13-percent)

Give in to the siren song of padded headbands. This one is a Prada dupe, but it will cost you 95-percent less (no, seriously).

Photo via ITG.