Aren't Bangs Hard Enough?


Bangs: they're not for everyone! Think of them as equal parts carefree and super high maintenance. Getting them is a decision best made with a clear head and stable personal life. When they're a hit, they're a hit—when they're not, they're three to four months of barrettes and slicked back ponytails.

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BEAUTY @schiaparelli 🥰 yes those are nails in her hair 🤤 @eugenesouleiman @luciapieroni @mariannewman

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To make a controversial style more controversial, one must only pop on over to this week’s Paris Couture shows, where this concept is practiced best. At Schiaparelli, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman collaborated with nail artist Marian Newman to make piecey, flapper-like bangs, where strips of rhinestones were tipped with lacquered red press-ons. Undeniably striking, but we’re actually more stuck on these brushed down bangs painted in kelly green glitter from the same show. It’s the effect of tinsel, with an angular, DIY twist—probably achievable by brushing Spacepaste on only the ends of fringe. If it’s the newest version of the glitter hair oh so popular at summer festivals, you heard it here first. And if it’s not, we want to know! Yay or nay to glitter bangs? Let’s discuss.

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