The New Gucci Lipstick Isn’t Just For Your Lips


Did you hear the news? After a three year hiatus, Gucci is back in the makeup game. This time Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele is leading the charge, and the result is… very Gucci. Fifty-eight shades of lipsticks in three textures, including a satin black that’s FDA-cleared for both eyes and lips. Thomas de Kluyer, the newly-minted global makeup artist for the brand, is the force behind the campaign looks (you might remember him from last year when Tom prophetically declared he was a “makeup artist to watch.”) And as for the delightfully weird campaign imagery (toothy, open-mouth photos captured under a flash), let Alessandro explain: “The idea is to create a representation that is close to reality with a humanized point of view, however strange. But the strangeness is human, so it's beautiful.”

At the launch last week, one of the faces of the campaign, model Mae Lapres, joined forces with Tom for a quick mini photoshoot. They played with the different textures (the lineup includes satin, sheer, and balm finishes), and created two simple looks that you can absolutely recreate at home. Scroll through the slideshow above for the finished product. And circle back down here for the exact shades they used. Happy browsing!

Look 1:
Cheeks: Mae Coral (sheer finish). Buffed with a fluffy brush for a diffused, natural effect.
Eyes: Carol Beige (satin finish). Smudged and evened out with a small brush.
Lips: Mildred Rosewood and Peggy Taupe (satin finish). Mixed together on a flat surface and applied with a lipstick brush.

Look 2:
Lips: Vantine Fuschia (satin finish).
Eyes: Joslyn Clair (baume finish). No need for a brush here, just swipe it on and call it a day.

Photographed by Tom Newton.