What’s Your Fall Look?


Top 25, September Favorites...how many ways to tell you it’s officially fall? Here’s another one. Your fall look. What’s it like? If it were a movie, who would it star? What’s the palette and texture? Does it involve blush, lipstick, or liner? And if so, which shades? No worries if you’re stuck, ITG is sharing a few ideas. With mood boards. Beige, blotted, Barbra Streisand-heavy mood boards. Each focused on maximum coziness and minimal color. Which one are you?

Beige. I'm feeling a lot of beige. A few years ago, my future wedding makeup artist Ingeborg told me that she thought beige was the chicest color and all my repressed beige feelings from a childhood spent avoiding beige because my mother said "you look dead in that color" came flooding back and I was reborn. Beige looks best when paired with other bland colors like black + cream and in sumptuous fabrics like cashmere and with oversized silhouettes like men's blazers. It also looks good on my face thanks to lots of matte bronzer and...not much else. I'm going heavy on the Boy Brow in Brown and ditching the mascara. Sunglasses instead of eye makeup. Cooking instead of going out. Hair down instead of up. You feel me? —Emily Ferber

My beauty mood board (important note that this autocorrected to “mold board”—seasonally appropriate, I feel) this fall is less of a singular "look" and more an amalgamation of seasonal moods that inspire me to put on makeup. Despite my love of Mary Shelley and also The Cure, I might be getting old. This year I'm leaning into apple-picking, farmer’s market going, and weekend mornings at home instead of "Victorian gothic dead person."

I’m staying true to myself with the resurgence of my bangs thanks to Jay Braff at Spoke & Weal. Then I’m going with a little smudged liner around the eyes—Hourglass 1.5 MM Gel Eyeliner in Obsidian or Canyon depending on the day. A tiny bit of Cloud Paint in Storm low on my cheeks, plus Boy Brow in Black and Chanel Inimitable Mascara. The lip color this season is Nars Lip Pencil in Clash, blotted on before or after a lip balm so it’s not vampy. For fun I’ll pair it with a lilac or pale blue wash of eyeshadow—I like the weird contrast between the eye and lip. And if you need me I’ll be here, re-reading Frankenstein. —Anna Jube

My fall look is Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born, the 1976 version. Think powerful jewess who only needs one day to build a desert abode and will do so while fully committing to a look—cool, but also competent. I want sharp jackets and monochrome outfits, mixed with a little western (love a theme) and the French confidence to pull it all off. The makeup is brown and glossy. The autumn tan sans-soleil is de Chanel. The breakfast is pizza. That is all. —Ali Oshinsky

For reasons that have nothing to do with my birthday falling on the last day of September, fall is my favorite season. I celebrate by leaning into comfort—I’m talking cozy sweaters, in various shades of Fenty foundation. But there will be color! I’m trying out some purple shadow and liner so I don’t look totally boring. Not as intimidating as, I don’t know, green or yellow—interesting but not aggressive. And as for my lip, I want to lean into smudgy, blotted imperfection.

You couldn’t catch me without curls this summer, but I’m gearing up for a steady stream of blowouts this fall. Drawing inspiration from Meghan Markle for my edges—forgive me but the duchess’s are a little scraggly. Fine with me; less pressure to keep everything smooth. And then I’m going to moisturize like there’s no tomorrow—my hands (cold season is nigh, got to wash those hands more) and lips (thank you Pat McGrath Lip Fetish). And then I’ll cozy up with a candle. Mmm, doesn’t this feel soft? —Ashley Weatherford

As the weather progresses from kind-of-warm to frosty, I’m planning for my clothing situation to follow a similar path. Starting off with longer pants paired with tanks and baby tees because it’s still pretty hot, and then leaning into the gradual cold with cocoon turtlenecks and crewneck sweaters over midi-skirts and dresses. Then, we jump off the deep-end into the best part of almost-winter, wearing overwhelmingly baggy and strategically shapeless fits anchored by chunky shoes. Looking like a blob of muted colors under a nicely tailored coat or jacket means you can get ready in five minutes, but it also means you have more time to focus on your face. I’m all set to pat some rosy brown blushes onto my cheeks, test out some shimmer, and on colder weekends, “get ready to go out” before I end up staying in and watching whatever’s on queue. But before fall fully reveals itself, I’m putting forth the effort to completely furnish the apartment I moved into months ago—my true inspiration for getting my shit together this fall. So, fingers crossed, good autumn vibes all around. —Utibe Mbagwu

My fall mood is a lot of things, New England, nostalgia, mountain coal miners. I'm thinking dressing exactly like the October Sky and The Cider House Rules guys. Plaid, and workmen's clothes, pocket tees, smartwool socks, and ruddy cheeks to go along with them. I could watch those two movies over and over, just the settings, the leaves changing, the brisk fresh air I don't get enough of in New York City. Also! One of my favorite Steven Meisel shoots is this prep school one with Christy and Linda dressed in knee highs and sweater vests and tweed skirts. I always loved the idea of a uniform probably because I never had any chance of ever going to a private school or anywhere that'd require uniforms—it's easy to romanticize it. Jonathan Anderson both as a person and everything he creates is also a big inspiration point for me—the quilt patterns, the homemade feeling and bright colors. I don't live in the mountains, so this sort of pining after that lifestyle can be a little pointless sometimes—but if I'm not there in person I like to be there in spirit. —Tom Newton