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It's Finally Time For ITG's March Madness Product Gauntlet 2019!


It’s March and you know what that means…! [Deep thunderous announcer voice] Into The Gloss’ March Madness Product Gauntlet RETURNS!!! The long-awaited third season of your favorite beauty competition is finally here, and it promises to be the best thing you do on the internet this month. So get to printing, picking, and Twitter voting—but not before you read this right here.

First things first, what even is the Product Gauntlet? Good question. Every year, around the same time college basketball teams have their tournament, ITG hosts its own. We (arbitrarily) select product competitors and insert them (arbitrarily) into a bracket. Then you get to decide! Who wins, who loses, it's all up to you. Vote on Twitter and watch the world burn. Procrastination never looked so good.

After a year of every man for himself, the conferences have returned—but they’re not just any conferences. This year, we’re pitting skin’s heaviest hitters in four crucial categories up against each other in the ultimate battle for glory. What’s your favorite product for baby-butt smoothness, for absolute clarity, for glow, for skin so plump it’s about to explode? Not sure? Well we’re about to find out together.

The conferences make up the four sections you see below. They are: Clear Skin, Smooth Skin, Hydrated Skin, and Glowy Skin. Which product will bring pride to the family and finally answer the question, "What's skincare's most important endgame?" Well, that's all in your hands. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick a winner in each game, and keep picking until there’s one supreme product to rule them all. Who will it be? The jury (you) is still out, but just know—P50 always plays to win…

With that in mind, have at it! The first round of Twitter polls go live on Tuesday, March 19, at 2pm EST. See you on the courts…

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