Here Are 5 Products I'm Going To Try This Year


What does 2019 have in store for me? (Besides dry brushing.) A whole bunch of your beauty recommendations, it seems! This thread kept me more than amused over the holiday break, and now I'm turning it into a shopping list. Up first,


“It’s INSANE,” says commenter Sijia Li of this post-acne gel meant to reduce the appearance of scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. A cursory glance at the ingredient list suggests it's not kidding around either: four percent niacinamide to soothe, garlic extract for inflammation, and something called MPS that helps with bruising. Into it! Sijia goes on to mention a particularly bad breakout on her forehead, which SAME. She claims all signs of PIH disappeared in under a month thanks to this baby. Will it work for me? Who knows. But the review makes it too promising to ignore.

Crystal Peel Microdermabrasion Bar Soap

Ashley already bought this one! And no surprise: Apparently it’s the “biggest game changer,” according to dayman—and in 2019, I’m perfectly happy to have my game changed. It’s been feeling a little stale in my shower, frankly. This guy's a physical scrub, which historically have been hit or miss for my keratosis pilaris, but Elana, on the same comment thread, seconds the recommendation. Works everywhere from arms to butt to bikini line. The one con is that it’s strong. Elena reported a chemical burn after her second time using it (a little too ardently). Roger that—will not be using this one every day. And at $21 a bar, I happy to oblige.

Biologique Recherche P50 for the Scalp and Body

Another solid recommendation from my standby commenter BbbBbbBkkkKkkK. 2018 was the year I finally got on the Biologique train (Lait VIP 02, the BioMagic Mask, Creme Dermopurifiante.... Why not let 2019 be the year I submerge my entire corpus into its smelly goodness?

Saw Palmetto Supplements

I’ve yet to go the spironolactone path (trentinoin has been keeping my acne under control…for now!). That said, tales of of this alternative supplement tackling hormonal breakouts on the same level as the prescription route are intriguing enough for me to take note—though probably would not try given my current situation (and without consulting a physician, as that’s how I roll). Riley and mistercorday both had positive things to say, as does Curious to learn more at the very least.

Kosas Lipstick in Rosewater

I actually already have this one! This is a good reminder to use it though. There was lots of love for Kosas lipstick in the comment section. Everybody loves a good-for-you ingredient list, but the real kicker? The shade range. Unparalleled flattering nudes. Can’t go wrong with Rosewater, as mentioned—or Undone or Stardust. Options! We love!

And now that I've shared, what's on your 2019 beauty wish list?

—Emily Ferber

Photo via ITG