Five Cool Ways To Cool Off


Last night, I woke up in a puddle of my own sweat. Not a cold, feverish sweat; no, just a the-air-conditioner-is-off-and-now-I'm-stuck-to-the-sheets sweat. The next day, I walked 15 minutes to the train on the shady side of the street; even out of the sun, the humidity (which was simultaneously ruining my newly shorter haircut) was too much for me, a person in loose-fitting denim. Arriving at the office, I looked less like I’d showered that morning than run across the Manhattan bridge to get to work. But at this point, it's not doing me any good to complain about the hot weather. "Be solutions oriented!" they tell me. So instead of whining to some unwitting colleague within earshot, I'm proactively pursuing ways to keep my body temperature at a comfortable level at all times. Including now! So here are some cool ideas:

Ice roll your face

This $12 device comes in "a variety of colors." All of them do the same thing: house a large cylindrical ice pack you can use in the morning to de-puff. OR anytime you're hot enough to want to stick your head in the freezer. Use this instead.

Make yourself a frozen margarita

It's easy! Throw some ice cubes, 2/3 cup fresh lime juice, 3/4 cup silver tequila, and a half cup simple syrup in a blender. Whip up and serve in a salt-rimmed, chilled glass. Plus a lime wedge. Yum.

Invest in a $7 parasol

This one is inexpensive, it comes in a million colors—all of which will go with your summer palette—and is basically portable shade for the times when there is no shady side of the street. You'll be both cooler, and less burnt. Several showed up at Camp Glossier this year.

Watch this GIF

Time yourself. Enjoy!

Take your Glossier Moon Mask out of the refrigerator and immediately apply it to your face

You put it in there for a reason. Now is the time to remind yourself why. Throw some chilled Hada Labo hyaluronic eye masks on top for the full shebang. Plump, cool, fresh as a daisy. Isn't this weather nice?

—Anna Jube

Photo via Getty.