Camp Glossier: The Packing List


Camp Glossier, our annual company retreat, isn't exactly "camping". On a scale of dirt floor to Troop Beverly Hills, it's certainly closer to the latter—and for good reason. When you're stranded in the wilderness with more than 100 of your nearest and dearest coworkers, you're going to want some hot shower opportunities and occasionally reliable wi-fi (the two pillars of restorative alone time). You're also going to want some beauty essentials for everything from keeping bugs out of your bunk to glowing up for an impromptu rave. Always be prepared, right? Right. As such, below please find all the Things We Packed For Camp Glossier 2018:

Protection from the elements

Reapply like it's your job. Obviously there was plenty of Invisible Shield on the trip, but when it comes to blobbing and other water sport opportunities, trust Elta MD's Sport Sunscreen—won't break you out or wash off after first splash. For body, Kiss My Face has some of the easiest sprays of the season, with SPF 50 and the luxury of getting your back yourself. HR would be proud. And say what you will about DEET, but it works. When embedded in their natural habitat, there's little that'll keep you safer from bugs than Off Deep Woods. For an organic solution, try Aunt Fannie's Mosquito Wipes. No bug-spray smell and individually wrapped so you can have a backup on you at all times.

Hygiene technology

Just because you're two hours from home does not mean dental hygiene takes a vacation. Heed your dentist's advice and invest in an electronic toothbrush with a turbo battery that'll carry you through vacations without needing a recharge. Dr. Apa's gives you two brushes a day for weeks on end without ever docking. No wonder it looks like a spaceship.

Face glitter...?

An essential! So we've proven at least two years in a row now. With all due respect, if you're not packing a few jars of Lemonhead to Camp Glossier, what are you packing? You're a beauty company in the forest for three days; of course you're bringing indestructible, glow-in-the-dark, adult face paint with you.

Upgraded friendship bracelets

Thy name is Roxanne Assoulin. Forget what you knew about a chevron stitch and try beading instead. Big, statement, fashion beading. While drinking rosé out of a can. That feels right, doesn't it?

Offline entertainment

Camp Glossier was the perfect excuse to host our Monthly Business Book Club outside. More than a few of us are currently devouring John Carreyrou's Bad Blood, the Theranos tell-all. Reads like a thriller but is very, absolutely, totally true. Nothing like a startup ghost story to bring your team closer together.

Collage by Tom Newton.