How To Do Your Makeup In The Heat


July Fourth has passed. There is no more beating around the bush—summer is really, truly here. With it comes a nearly unbearable level of heat and humidity that make it practically impossible to talk or think about anything else. Especially when you work in beauty. But finding ways to wear makeup throughout the summer season is a challenge we have accepted. And then immediately transferred to five lovely and talented makeup artists full of wisdom and knowledge and years of experience battling New York's summers. Below, the pros share their tips on embracing summer and keeping the makeup on your face when it's hot. Don't sweat it! (Or do, but read this first.) They're here for you:

“Gloss is officially back! Since the sun has come out, I keep reaching for my Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss #738—a semi opaque melon-colored gloss. It immediately makes my whole face look fresh and juicy. I apply liberally, but then dab over it with my fingers so it doesn’t feel like it’s just sitting on my lips. With the heat, mascara feels a bit heavy for me. So I’ve been lining my eyes in a half-cat line (starting from the center of my iris and pulling outwards). Clé De Peau Intensifying Liquid Liner has two brush tips: one longer calligraphy like brush tip for general shaping, and one fine point that solidifies the line. It does NOT BUDGE! This gives me the look of fanned out lashes that won’t smudge in the humidity, and it’s easy to clean off at end of the night.” —Fara Homidi

“Summer in NYC is humid so forget about keeping things matte and perfect. Instead, go with that dewy situation that naturally occurs—skip the foundation and powder (concealer for a spot here and there is always an option) and stick to bronzer. Dior and Make Cosmetics have great ones, and Vapour makes stick cream bronzers that are ideal when on the go. Use bronzer where the sun naturally tans first: bridge of nose, cheeks/cheekbones, a bit on the forehead and chin too to tie it all together. For the cream bronzer, just use your fingertips and blend it in—you can always go over it with a bit of moisturizer with SPF to blend it even more. For powder formulas, a large brush is best. Complete the look with a brown long wear lip velvet—I LOVE brown lipstick with bronzer and dewy skin. If you want more dew add a generous amount of Glossier Haloscope in Quartz. Want a easy pop of color with that? Colored mascara looks incredible with a tan, and the new Dior ones are pretty epic!” —Ingeborg

“In the summer I like to use my BeautyBlender with cold water! I usually leave a bottle of Avène Thermal Water spray in the fridge, and spray my BeautyBlender with it. Then I’ll push and bounce my makeup on–it’s so refreshing, and cools down and depuffs my face. It works great with foundation (I like YSL Touche Eclat Foundation) and a cream blush, like the Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Blush Stick.” —Nam Vo

“Summer is all about enjoying patios, concerts and cocktails with friends. So, you’ve got to keep that summer pout on point. The very basis of great summer makeup is to start with a great base for your skin type. After moisturizing, consider a primer—they’re not heavy and they’re great to keep makeup in place. Protect your skin with a great sun protection like Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen. It’s a primer, so it’s meant to be worn under makeup, but also protects. It’s non-greasy and doesn’t alter your makeup. If you hate wearing sunscreen this, is the one! Glossier daily sunscreen is also great to wear under makeup. With its water-like formula, it absorbs into the skin with no greasy residue, and no purple or white cast. If you need a cocktail proof lip, Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick (the Sorta Sweet Trio) is the way to the go—it will last longer than the cocktail! I use Gleam by Melanie Mills in Deep Bronze for an all-over sexy glow. Apply it with a large brush on the bridge of the nose, cheeks for a dewy beach looking highlight, and all over the body to chase away that left over winter lightness.” —Dionne Wynn

“For a lot of different things, I use Bite Agave Lip Mask. It comes in multiple shades, but the shade I’d recommend for summer is called Smash. It’s a red tinted lip mask that wears like a heavier balm. I put it on the lips, and I pat it and take the excess where you would put your cheek highlight. I kind of pull it over the cheekbone, which gives you more of an honest, sun-kissed flush. You can also move it under your brow bone, being as transparent as it is. It’s like a very light tint—almost like you’re sweaty and sunburnt, but dewy and sunkissed. I’m a big advocate for avoiding the sun, and this is a good way to fake it! I usually pair that with a little bit of mascara. It’s just something low maintenance you can carry with you.” —Shayna Goldberg

Photo via ITG.

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