Georgia Louise, Facialist


"My mum has the most gorgeous skin—she’s one of my role models. She’s always believed in oils. I remember as an 11-year-old, after I brushed my teeth at night, I would sit with her in front of the mirror cleansing and massaging my skin with oil. She got it from her mother—my grandmother was French-Indian, and she was really into her French and Indian styles of cleansing and rituals. On my 14th birthday, I got my first Decléor cleanser, toner, and essential oil, and I was like, ‘That’s it, I’m obsessed.’ As kids, we’re taught how to properly brush our teeth, but really they should do it for skincare as well. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and people look at it as a luxury—they are so wrong. I’m hoping more and more people will protect themselves with the right products and tools.

Having two babies sucks everything out from you. But’s so funny—whenever I’m stressed my son is like, ‘Mum, let’s massage your legs.’ It’s the cutest thing—it’s hilarious! I think his third word was ‘mask,’ because he’s always seeing me in a sheet mask. Now, my skin generally needs more oil, and more nourishment. I have an 11-step program that I do every morning. I’ll start off with a sheet mask while brushing my teeth or feeding my kids. Once I do that, I’ll run into the shower with my pH Perfecting Cleanser and massage with the Foreo—I just love the sensory element of cleansing my skin without the harshness of the exfoliants. I’ll do a quick second cleanse with Lait VIP O2 from Biologique Recherche because it’s so brightening. Then I use my pH Tonic, which has AHAs and BHAs that softens blackheads straight away. Then I spray with my Rose Face Water and start playing around with serums. I have like 20 that I alternate depending on how my skin’s feeling that day. I always think of layering serums as dressing up, so you want to put on underwear before you put on the coat. I use water-based, then the heavier lipid-based ones-so they’ll all sit together instead of slipping and sliding on each other. It’s better to put serums directly on your face instead of mixing them in your hand, especially if they’re different brands. I use the Biologique Elastine first because it’s a really good tightening serum. Then I’ll put on my Stem Cell Repair—everyone needs stem cells because they really reawaken your genes. Then I’ll use my C-Quence from Environ as my final serum layer-it’s my antioxidant. Serums are for treatments, but creams are nourishers. So after the serums, I’ve been using Biologique’s VIP, which is a light cream, and also the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream-that’s one of my staple products. Then I use an SPF to set everything and protect my skin from the environment. Not going out with SPF is the worst thing for skin. The sun is responsible for 95% of skin concerns-even if it’s three minutes.

The biggest mistake people make is not exfoliating away dead skin—if you don’t exfoliate, how are you going to get a product into your skin? I exfoliate every day with my toner and that’s enough. Then, it’s about consistency. You should be exfoliating every day, you should be masking two to three times a week, and you should be using a tool to deliver the actives into your skin. I really love my GloPulse for that—it’s like a facial at home. It gives you an instant glow and pulses positive and negative ions into the skin. There’s three different conductor sheet masks based on your skin type-the Aqua is brightening, Green is balancing and Honey is nourishing. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are my go-to’s. The essences stay wet on your face for 10-20 minutes, so you’re getting so much moisture into your skin.

I like my makeup look to let my skin speak for itself. I’ll use a bit of the Charlotte Tilbury concealer to cover a closed comedone. I’ve been experimenting with Gucci Westman’s blush sticks and they’re quite nice and really easy to use, I really like Baby Cheeks. Again, I’m all about hands. I don’t like contouring on myself—it looks good on camera, but up close it can be really scary. For highlight, I use Touche Eclat—I still can’t find anything that matches it. And for brows, I use Charlotte Tilbury brow gel, and I kind of brush them up. Then I’ll finish with Trish McEvoy waterproof mascara-that’s as much as I’ll wear.

Everything comes from the gut, so a happy gut is a happy face. Probiotics are great for that. I see a functional medicine guru, Dr. Kurt Waples at Bluestone Health Group, and he’s got me on probiotic powder. I also take Omega Fish Oil because it’s really, really good for dry skin, and Biotin for hair, nails and skin. I love Vital Proteins Collagen—it just gives you nourishment and hydration, and a healthy glow. You can go totally over the top with supplements, but you’re better off going to someone who knows you and can tell you what you’re missing. I also tell people to do less dairy and sugar, because it causes inflammation, and to always, always, drink more water."

—as told to ITG

Georgia Louise photographed by Tom Newton.