A Glowing Review Of The Foreo Luna


I love things that are bad for me. Is this not everyone? Someone photoshop that meme of Megan Markle looking at Prince Harry with it saying like, Me looking at things that wreck my skin. Greasy foods, sugar, late nights, under-moisturizing, over-cleansing, scrubbing it bare. Why do we do this? OK—why do I do this?

It's compulsive. Scrubbing my face, for example, is one of these things. Even if it's just a little bit—I think it may have started with that Neutrogena Grapefruit scrub which has since been all but outlawed, right? I graduated from that on to Exfolikate, then Ole Henriksen's Transforming Almond Scrub...things that were Sephora-approved but still probably not right for someone with reactive, oily skin. I've had many skin experts tell me not to scrub my skin so hard, and I had heard many suggest a Foreo. I thought the idea seemed kind of silly. Like an electric toothbrush: more trouble and shelf space than it's worth. But, as is often the case, I was WRONG.

I started using the Foreo Luna Mini and it has become a very important part of my skincare routine. It's like a scrub, but it's gentler. You can control how hard you want to go, if you want to turn on the vibration, if you only want to do part of your face, if you want to use it with a gentle cleanser or a heavier one. It also just feels so nice! Using it also reminds me to cleanse properly as well; it helps get the corners of my nose and down to my neck. There's something about the process that has totally changed how I cleanse. The silicone doesn't tear the skin like more aggressive scrubs. It's better for the environment (no beads or particles going down my drain that don't need to) and I use less cleanser this way. I've been converted!

—Tom Newton

Photographed by the author.