Fake Depth With This Easy Lid Tint


I didn't buy the Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint; I won it in a game of ITG trivia (the most distracting thing the Editorial team does on Fridays—taking Slack by storm and pitting colleagues against each other in feats of Into The Gloss-related knowledge to win beauty products both large and small). But there’s something that happens when a product that you didn’t necessarily pick for yourself falls into your lap. You’re not as precious with it; you start to see more possibilities with your makeup bag.

It’s not like I was hoping to win anything else, to be honest. The Lid Tints were in this year’s ITG Top 25, which is endorsement enough for me. Plus Joelle Hyman is constantly singing its praises on Instagram. The only thing that was keeping me from it was that historically, I never wear eye products. Maybe some liner and mascara—but eye shadow? A bridge too far. Beyond lacking the deft hand for makeup brushes, shadows fall all over my face, making a mess. Not a problem here; rub your finger in it and smudge it on your face. Tap it in if you’re feeling fancy. Instant crease depth without any ashy fallout.

But the real endorsement? People tell me I look good when I’m wearing it. Which is not nothing for a prize you received for knowing the most read article in Into The Gloss history. (It’s this one, by the way.)

—Peyton Johnson

Photo via ITG.