Glassy, Dewy Skin Makes A Comeback


Team ITG is excited for winter to be over. Aren't you? March has been such a damn tease. The sun’s out, and shoes (but without socks) are on...and then another Nor’easter hits. You may feel a bit skeptical that winter is ever going to end. That’s understandable, but the inevitable warm weather is on its way. Promise! So, here is a makeup look inspired, says makeup artist Wendy Rowe, by the summer season itself. Wendy—a longtime friend of ITG, whose YouTube channel is worth a follow—brings that mood to real life on the face of model Bhumika Arora. The real real thing will be here soon enough. In the meantime, peruse the photo section. Soak it in and enjoy. In the coming months, you'll be wearing it to the beach, from the gym, to Happy Hours outdoors...

Wendy used Burberry’s Fresh Glow Foundation and the brand’s Sheer Concealer on Bhumika’s skin for a fresh, clean slate. Burberry’s Face Contour Pen added a little depth to the cheeks, and Glossier Haloscope topped the cheekbones. (Wendy can show you how to use Haloscope here, too.) On the eyes, Burberry’s Eye Contour Pen went along the socket line for more depth and some definition. Burberry’s Lip Contour in Dark finished off the mouth. A flush of Glossier Cloud Paint on the cheeks. Feels a little warmer already.

Bhumika Arora photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Wendy Rowe. Hair by Clara Leonard. Styled by Carolina Orrico.