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Karen Lord's Perfect Morning Workout

Good morning! Happy New Year and welcome to the future where you’re absolutely going to get into your best shape. Which is great because it means you’ll live longer, feel happier, and be left glowing. ITG, accompanied by Karen Lord and her soothing, meditative you can do anything voice, is here for you. As a follow up to last year's (AKA last week's) singular one-minute workout is this one which, Karen says, you could do every morning for a month and really notice the difference. But it’s not about punishing the body. You only just woke up, after all. So once you’ve successfully climbed out of bed (don’t stress; take your time), Karen is going to guide you through a quick, seven-step full body series of pilates movements that won’t make you want to die. You will just feel like your better self. Come back every day of 2018 if you feel like it. Team ITG will be here, too.

Filmed by Tom Newton.