Got Exfoliating Questions?


Hello and welcome to what could possibly be the most overdue Open Thread of all time. It's high time we talk about exfoliation—and for a number of reasons. One, because something's coming (read up); and two, because it's one of the more difficult skincare techniques that the beauty industry just expects us all to "get". Well, no shame if you don't...we're about to change that. Leave your FAQs below and ITG's bevy of on-call experts will write up the answers by next week. Don't believe us? Track record, right over here.

Or perhaps you're already an expert, scrubbing off an old face and revealing a new face every day. Unfortunately, that doesn't excuse you. If you know the answer to any of the questions you see, help your fellow readers. Answer them! Recommend a product. Tell them your story of over-exfoliating and what you did to fix the situation. It's the only right thing to do.

Photographed by Tom Newton.