Nadine Levy Redzepi, Cookbook Author


"Oh, I was always very, very fond of food. Always. Growing up, I wasn’t that we were starving or anything when we were little, but with my parents being street musicians, food was a luxury. Like if they made extra money on the street that day, that meant that we would eat that much better. I did find out pretty early on that I didn’t want to be a chef because what I really liked about food was sitting down and eating it afterwards [Laughs]. But I did want to be a very good cook, for both myself and people around me.

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I started thinking, 'What kind of mother do I want to be—what’s important?' I started writing down my favorite recipes to give to the kids, because I thought it’d be nice to start this family cookbook. I remember when I started doing it, René was like, 'Oh, who knows? One day this might be a real book!' I was like, 'Yeah, whatever.' But then when I was on maternity leave with our three-year-old, I started an Instagram account for fun posting meals. And then six months after I’d been doing that, a small Danish cooking show contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a book.

Every morning when I wake up, I work out. We have a trainer that comes to our house with like six to eight people from [my husband's] restaurant that work out together in our big yard. Then we sit down, and I make breakfast for everyone. We’re quite obsessed with rice and some form of cured eggs or fried eggs, and then whatever greens we have. Then I shower, and then I do the whole face routine. First, I use this Pure Melt Cleansing Oil from Clarins. I feel like I have more of a tendency for dry skin, so I like that this feels like it’s giving me a lot of nourishment while I’m washing my face, and it just takes everything off so easily. After that, I basically bathe my face in Bioderma so that it’s completely clean all the way down the neck. Then comes the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and the RNA Power Serum. When I was in Japan, I came across SK-II, and I am obsessed with it. I always buy a lot of it when I’m there. I love their eye cream, and during the day if I feel like I look a little tired, I’ll use one of these Amazing Space Oxygen Elixir Q10 capsules.

I’ve always had really long hair, and I had loved this very white hair look for a long time, but my hairdresser in Denmark would be like, 'Don’t even think about it. Not with this long hair.' But when I was on maternity leave with my third pregnancy, I lost a lot of my hair and it looked awful, so I got it cut really short. I went back to my hairdresser and I was like, 'Okay. I got short hair now. I want this white hair. Now. Right now.' So I’ve had it since then, and I plan on having it until it just comes naturally. [Laughs] I feel like I don’t have to do anything when I have this hair. I can just put on some red lipstick and I’m good to go. I get it done every eight weeks, and it’s just the top that gets colored every time. I go to Cim Mahoney in Copenhagen. Bleach damages the hair quite a lot, so I do treatments once a week. I'll put the Olaplex Number 03 in my hair and it just feels hydrated and soft. In Denmark, the water’s very hard and drying. So, once I’ve washed my hair with my Evo shampoo, I put this Evo Day of Grace Leave-In Conditioner in it. I finish with the End Doctor from Evo, it's a smoothing sealant. I’ll dry my hair and put this Lockdown Smoothing Treatment on the ends. For volume I love this Haze Styling Powder from Evo.

On a daily basis with makeup, I would probably not really do so much, but depending on what I’m doing, I put the Nars Creamy Concealer in Light 2 under my eyes. The Dior Dream Skin Perfect Skin Foundation in 20 is good if just a little more coverage is needed. I like to do this pencil from Lancôme on my eyebrows. I like my brows to be a little bit darker than my hair. I like the contrast. I color my brows and my lashes everytime I get my hair colored, but it only lasts for like three weeks or something. Those three weeks are perfect. For color, I use YSL Heart Of Light Powder Blush, and I do have my eyeliner tattooed. I like to have stuff permanently there so I don’t have to do anything. [Laughs] I will also use YSL Volume Effet mascara because it’s not too thick—it doesn’t lump. I have it in Blue, too. Then, lipstick-wise, I am obsessed with Chanel lipsticks, not even because they're the best, but I like the packaging. I could play with them all day! I think I’ve got like twelve. I like 138 Fougueuse for a little freshness. I think these quite pink ones work very well for dabbing on. I also like number 40 Rouge Allure Velvet La Sensuelle, which is a berry stain. And then I like all shades of very red. But my new favorite is the Nars lipstick pencils in Mexican Rose, Mysterious Red, and Damned. Today I have on 102 Rouge Allure Palpitante. With my newfound blonde hair, sometimes I’ll do a cat eye. For that I use the L’Oréal Paris Superliner Blockbuster. It’s just very, very easy to put on, and once it’s there, it stays. But I do actually use this cheaper eyeliner first, so that I can get it exactly the shape I like it, and then I put the L’Oréal one on top of it, because that one stays."

—as told to ITG

Photographed by Tom Newton.