The ITG Top 25 Reader's Choice Award


A few hundred comments, a couple thousand Twitter votes, and plenty of chatter followed last week’s Reader’s Choice vote. Readers and editors alike waited with baited breath for the virtual polls to close. Today, the results are finally in: Ladies and gentlemen, The New Guard has a 26th product. Please welcome to your shopping cart Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer, winner of the 2017 ITG Top 25 Reader’s Choice award.

Now, ITG would never rig a poll—this one is totally on you (thanks for voting!). BUT! If we were voting alongside you, this is the one we would have picked, too. The newest Nars concealer is a feat of makeup engineering. It's soft—hence the name—so it blends; but it never dries or flakes. The matte element is also key—no reflecting light off of raised zits or puffy undereyes. And the staying power is unmatched: all day. And, not that concealer has ever been difficult to use, but apply this one using your fingers, a concealer brush, a Beauty Blender or whatever your tool of preference is. In other words, it’s easy. Not surprising; “easy” always flies with ITG. Anyway…it's good to know you like it too!

Shout out to the runners up—Ouai Wave Spray came in second, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner next and Pai’s Rosehip Oil. All amazing products. Products everybody will continue to love, alongside the rest of this year’s Top 25. Read here for all of the others. Cheers!

Photographed by Tom Newton.