Introducing The ITG Top 25


The ITG Top 25 has arrived. See the full list here.

Last month, ITG celebrated its six year anniversary. For context, that's 284 Top Shelves, 237 The Faces, some 544 odd product reviews, and a whole lot of other beauty writing that our editors are not going to count, in the effort of getting to the point of this story. Which is: We love beauty products and we love talking about beauty products. Especially good beauty products. Rest assured, every neck cream reviewed, every drugstore lipstick swatched, and every foundation recommendation from Paris Hilton considered, all of the products you see on Into The Gloss are good. Some of those are great, and 25 of those are the best. This is about those 25—the ITG Top 25. Introducing our first-ever beauty awards: the most-mentioned, most-recommended, most beloved products on Into The Gloss.

You can argue that we've been studying up on this list for six years, but it was technically finalized recently after months of semi-grueling critical research. The final list—which spans across makeup, skincare, hair, and body products—took into account feedback from all angles. We tallied up each product mention from every interview since ITG's inception, taking into consideration which ones were clicked on most often and which ones were most talked about in the comment section. From that list, we got specific: Out of 10 lipstick formulas, which one has the best shade range AND the easiest glide? (It's Nars' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.) The final list was compiled in a conference room after office hours, but it's the effort of everybody who's ever crossed this digital threshold. Kim Kardashian built this list, Jenna Lyons built this list, and you guys, our amazing community, helped build this too. We literally couldn't have done it without you.

That's probably enough fanfare for now—jump over to our Top 25 page to see the full list. It's definitive, but not ultimate. Six years and 500 plus product reviews later, we're just getting started.


Photographed by Tom Newton. See the full ITG Top 25 over here—and enter to win the whole outfit. See the contest sweeps terms here.