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Loewe + Steven Meisel's Fruit-Inspired Beauty Looks


Screaming internally...

I love these so, so much. I'm not going to say they're better than any other fashion advertisement I've seen in recent memory, but I'm also not going to not say that. Think of anything else that's come out in the past six months that's this iconic. You can't; I can't. So we agree.

Since Irish prince J.W. Anderson ascended to Creative Director, Loewe has given photographer Steven Meisel free reign to just get weird. There was Maggie Rizer in the Rockaways early on; then Liya Kebede in front of rock formations; and most recently Helena Christensen's spray tanned, etheral nephew in a jaunty hat. Now we've got these very (ephemeral? carnal? lush? surreal?) beauty shots of Vittoria Ceretti with sliced fruits in her mouth. Not for nothing, but we do know that sexy fruit shots happen to do very well when shared on Instagram...

Could these be a hint for a forthcoming Loewe beauty line? They did launch fragrance last year—a male and a female version, both of which were so nice. Even if a Loewe contour kit is not in the works, this campaign is so beautifully thought-provoking that I don't care if it has nothing to do with anything the house is looking to sell me. We're talking about it—and sharing it on social—and isn't that the ultimate endgame these days?

Pat McGrath did the makeup, Guido did the hair, Benjamin Bruno styled. We've got a primary yellow to the brow and beneath with a soft brown liner; white mascara paired with a Nars Orgasm-like blush from the cheek up to the eye; a pink to red painterly eye that recalls the Body Hero packaging if you ask me; a magenta look that shows eyeshadow blended into the BROW!; and a white papaya negative space look that's a little less wearable than the rest. There's something here for everyone. And if there isn't actually a makeup line on the way, maybe it's a J.W. Anderson cookbook? I've never cleansed, but I'd do anything for Loewe right about now.

—Tom Newton

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