Happy 7th Birthday, ITG!


This week marks the 7th anniversary of the day Emily Weiss launched Into The Gloss from her bedroom. And now here we are! Seven years later. Happy birthday to us. At this point in our beauty website lifetime, we've developed unmatched bicycle-riding skills and are never without our Dr. Pepper-flavored Lip Smackers.

The thing is, a lot can happen in seven years. The launch of our own beauty brand for one thing. Hundreds of references to Cindy Crawford's skincare routine, for another. What we're celebrating today, though, are the things that don't really change. We might be growing up, but there are a few things we got right from Day 1—namely the first handful (seven to be exact, because that's the theme of this post) of product reviews that graced these digital pages. Below, we revisit them with fresh eyes and slightly more perspective. Seven years, seven products we continue to finish, repurchase, and tell all our friends (you) to buy. If you've been here since day one, you'll already know them, too...

Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Moisture Concealer

Nobody's skin is really one single, uniform shade, so the fact that this compact includes three for mixing and blending makes it one in a million. It's also one of the reasons it's been highly favored by makeup artists and beauty professionals alike since its debut (and since our original review). Formulated with jojoba oil and shea butter, the texture is rich and smooth and non-drying and wonderful. Just like you.

Byredo Accord Oud

In the family of fragrances best suited for sharing with your lover—alongside Le Labo's Santal 33 and the ever-beloved Kiehl's Musk—this one ranks high on the scale in terms of quality. Ouds are generally sexy, but the Accord Oud by Byredo is one that's also hard to get sick of. Wear it often, and definitely on special occasions. Pairs well with a nice [birthday] suit. Read what we had to say about it seven years ago, here.

Avène Antirougeurs Dermo-Cleansing Milk

A French pharm original and an Into The Gloss team forever-favorite. Known in its day for curing sudden outbursts of "scaliness,", this product is part makeup remover, part cleanser, part redness reducer. Keep around for that yearly "I don't know why my skin is so angry at me" stretch of days where nothing works. Except this.

Korres Lip Butter

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! ...given that the texture is so literally butter-like and the scent is reminiscent of caramel—a confection comprised mostly of butter. Surprise, it's actually lip balm. A nice one at that. This "butter" comes in several fruity flavors and glazes lips like a creamy, buttery glaze. Hungry, anyone? Original review this way.

Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex

The search for the right retinol product feels, at times, like it'll never end. But this Dermaolgica Eye Complex is a no-brainer. Delivering serious moisture and gentle retinol, the texture is like a thick-but-sheer cream. Not harsh in the least. Plus one for its fragrance-free, artificial color-free ingredient list, which was what we loved it for in the first place.

Diorskin BB Creme

You already know you can trust a Dior beauty product. The concealer, the foundation, and the mascara are all great, so why wouldn't their BB Cream also be great? Pros include the fact that it doesn't smell like sunscreen, and it can be blended into anything. Smooth your pores into oblivion. Read our original Hydra Life review here.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

Highlighter before highlighter was highlighter (say that 10 times fast). Unlike the highlighter drops that have been taking over the beauty landscape recently, you can't overdo it with this stuff. Just four ingredients to smear and shine all over your face, if that's what you feel like. You'll never "look dead" again.

For even more nostalgia, revisit our 5th birthday celebration here.