Korres Lip Butter Glaze


I love butter. European butter, chive butter, butter florets on room service trays. Beauty and butter aren't known to go hand in hand, unless the correlation between its consumption and gym membership counts. But Korres's original Lip Butter has been a smash success since its unveiling: a creamy, dreamy pot of tinted moisture (let's compare its texture to the “whipped' variety). I happily devoured a full 0.21 ounce serving of Mango last summer. Well, the storied Greek company has just outdone themselves with their new Lip Butter Glaze. The slightly shinier, slightly more liquid formula glides on from a petite tube, which is offered in favorite flavors like Raspberry, Quince, and Pomegranate. Consider it the smartest dessert choice you'll make this holiday season.

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