What's The Most $$$ Part Of Your Beauty Routine?


For Vanessa Craft, Elle Canada's Editor-in-Chief, it's the facials. "Hands-down the most expensive part of my routine would be facials," she said. "You know, before I got married, I got a facial every week for a month—one was La Prairie at the Plaza in New York, one was Biologique Recherche, and one was Dermalogica. I can't remember the fourth, I know."

Our faces are our investments—more precious than a handbag, more delicate than lingerie, and more prone to daily wear-and-tear than a pair of shoes. It'd be annoying if it wasn't so damn fun. Tell us: What are you spending your hard-earned dollars on? ClassPass? Lipstick? Vintner's Daughter? Our wallets are wide open.

Photo via ITG.