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Watch: Very Satisfying Makeup Smudging

In today's Top Shelf, Emma Leth details a practical makeup routine—bronzer and brow gel, she says, are the things she wears every day to make herself up. Then she reaches for a bright gold Chanel eyeshadow, which she's worn for the past three New Year's Eves, and won't part with. We talk a lot about the practicality of makeup, but not nearly enough about the fun of it. To some, makeup means covering zits, or faking sleep, or not looking like makeup at all. But in equal measure, it's about painting, about primping, about making up. Makeup is about playing.

What happens when you layer three technicolor shades of Kryolan cream under an opaque silver, and then smudge it out? What would a tonal blue smoky eye look like if the only blending brush you had on hand was your forefinger? Benjamin Puckey reached out about turning one spring beauty shoot into a video—the working title was "Makeup in Motion," based on the idea that color is just as much about movement as it is about intensity and hue. Call it a multidimensional approach to the smoky eye. Or just call it fun.

Mélodie Vaxelaire (The Society) shot by Tom Newton. Edited by Will Kitchings. Makeup by Benjamin Puckey.