The Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes


My eyes are dry, sensitive, and prone to irritate. This might be because I'm a delicate flower, both physically and emotionally. Emotionally because I'm the type of person who cries during particularly poignant commercials for diabetes medication (or anything that features a Sarah Mclachlan song). Physically in part because I love mascara, but mascara doesn't love me. Every one I've tried would make my eyes watery and red. And instead of longer and fuller lashes, imagine a trash-hungry raccoon with eyelash extensions. As such, my makeup goal has always been to find a mascara that doesn’t A) make me want to rip my eyes out all the time, and B) make me look like I was constantly being dumped. And, you know, something that will last through the series finale of Friday Night Lights. And I'm happy to report that about 10,000 mascaras later, I have found the one: Chanel Le Volume Mascara in Noir or Brun.

Le Volume manages to add both weight and length, eliminating the need for an eyelash curler unless you're looking for some extra drama. My lashes are not the thickest or the fullest on their own, and this compensates for both. The wand (which Chanel actually named “Snowflakes”) manages to separate the lashes in a, “Maybe these are my real lashes, maybe they’re not" kind of way. That's the look. The tip of the wand is also fantastic for dusting bottom lashes. Optimum doe.

Oh, and it's waterproof. Which means if your friends surprise you with a last minute change of plans to go see Lion, your bases are covered.

—Claire Cohen

Photographed by Tom Newton. Claire Cohen is an editorial intern at Into The Gloss.

Also great for sensitive eyes: eyelash extensions.