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Watch: Cecilia Gorgon's Morning Routine

Instagram can take you anywhere. It can take you on perma-vacation with Karlie Kloss, it can take you down a deep hole of obscure Japanese nail artists... Or it can take you from tagging #ITGTopShelfie to writing about your favorite products on this very site to starring in a Glossier campaign all in the course of three months. If it sounds familiar, it's because you're probably aware of Cecilia Gorgon, recent #ITGTopShelfie feature and Glossier Boy Brow model. She's also a student at the University of Michigan, hailing from Detroit. Girl's got a lot going for her.

Anyway, we're wild about Cecilia—as were many of you—so we're bringing her back for another round; this time in a Get Ready With Me video. Now, in addition to product recommendations, you get live action brow brushing (a great tip: backcomb them first if you want more natural-looking volume), moisturizing, and flyaway taming. A very comprehensive routine that's worth your time. Hit play above to watch then click below to find out more about Cecilia's favorite products.

Video edited by Coco Baudelle.