Pernille Teisbaek, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Social Zoo


"What do I do? Well, I've been working in fashion for awhile. I worked at a few Danish publications and decided three years ago to start my blog, which I've now closed—I wanted to go back to my roots. I took a Fashion Director position at the platform that hosted my blog, which meant I could write about fashion and be more objective in my job. And I decided at the same time to start my agency Social Zoo, a company where [my Co-Founder and I] handle talent accounts and work with brands to figure out ways to work together on their social platforms. I thought, maybe I'm a bit tired of doing things about myself. Maybe I can help others in a way.

Otherwise, I'm still working with stylists, and I love that—that's where I get my creative flow out. I'm also in the process of writing a book about Scandinavian style. And I’m getting married next year! We're planning it the romantic way—actually going location hunting for small places here in Denmark and in the south of France and Italy. We're looking around to figure out what's possible. You look at pictures and you have a feeling it’s going to be a certain way, but maybe there’s another atmosphere, you never know. And you have to connect with the owners as well, because Danish people party hard, so prepare yourself. We're Vikings. [Laughs]

The Danish beauty attitude is very relaxed. What I really care about is that everything I wear is comfortable. You feel good, you feel stronger, you look better when you're comfortable. Because you're taking my photo today, I'm wearing mascara for my brows and a bit of concealer. That's about it—kind of boring. I curl my eyelashes and I do this Lash Food Conditioning Drama Mascara, both on my lashes and brows, and I fill in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Brown. Every day, really, that's what I do.

I love this Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude. Sometimes I'll put her Secret Finish Mattifying Gel on my forehead because I'm a shiny discoball. If I decide to contour, I like Hoola Bronzer from Benefit—it's really good for that. This is actually my second Chanel Ombre Essentielle, you can tell how much I've been using it. The shade is Blazing Gold and it gives that kind of shimmery effect. I love gold. Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Above and Beyond is here too. It's super red, too much for me, but I love the packaging. So beautiful. Sometimes I’ll do MAC Ruby Woo on my lips. I wore it for my engagement party. I think it's a really nice color and I like it because it stains.

I do really care about skincare. When you fly as much as I do, your skin dries out really bad, so I learned to be very considerate. I've been going to the same facial treatment girl for four years, I try to go every month. She has this massage technique that lifts up your skin—you know, I get puffy because I'm eating all the things I shouldn't be eating. But she massages my skin for 10 minutes, and it's perfect. Her name is Line Friis. She's incredible, and very spiritual. I feel so good when I leave.

When my facial lady doesn't have time for me, I use Raaw in the jar. Have you heard of it? These two Danish girls started producing these organic oils, and they're incredible. When I get puffy, I put the Laminaria Eye Cream under and over my eye. I use Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes. My moisturizer right now is Tromborg's Anti-Aging Molecular Messenger—I'm 31, so I've started using anti-aging. They need to do a travel size! I tend to dry out a lot, so I need a lot of moisturizer.

Emily Weiss gave me an advance sample of Priming Moisturizer Rich over a year ago when she was still developing it and I've been using it a lot. You can see how much I've used it—it's the best rich face cream I've tried. I like really rich moisturizers, not with tons of actives, but that are hydrating. It sinks in quickly but my skin feels great all day. I've used La Mer, but it’s not my favorite thing. I love the packaging and everything about it but it doesn’t feel like it goes into my skin. For serums I like Decubal Intensive Face Vital Cream for Very Dry Skin, and at night I'll wear Sunday Riley Juno Oil. My cleanser is Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm. It’s really good and it’s really fun—you put it in your hand and it kind of warms up the skin in a way. It’s really weird. Then your skin brightens up after. It’s the best one I’ve tried, because I can’t exfoliate my skin every day because it would be like, 'My skin’s going to fall off!' [Laughs]

And then I always wear sunscreen on a day like this. Rudolph Sun Body Lotion 30, Danish Beauty Award winner 2015. It’s really good. I get a lot of pigmentation, it's so annoying. I was on a road trip with a friend of mine, we were driving and we took the top down, and I wasn't wearing any SPF. The next day I was super burned, it did all this damage to my skin, on just one day! So now even if it's raining, I wear sunscreen. Murad's Essential Sea Sun Balm is also really nice. I sometimes use this Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector at night, which helps even my skin tone out.

There's a reflexologist I go to every month–that's kind of my secret to relieve stress, or even just a run helps. Running is really good, but sometimes you need something more. I run maybe two times a week. My hands and body get so dry, and I keep Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream next to my bed for hands and lips. I love Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom, too—that one I keep in my bag. I like it better than the unscented one. On my body, I like the Aesop Resurrection Intensive Body Balm.

I love Oliver Gustav Studio Terre Noir Room Scent—it's an oil you can use with a diffuser. He has this really amazing store in Denmark. It’s beautiful, and he does candles as well with Mad et Len, which is really close by. Of course, my perfume is from Le Labo, the Santal 33. I've used it for about two years and I can't smell it on myself anymore. I think it's the best one, and it's unisex. For a long time, actually ever since I can remember, I've been wearing men's perfume. I'm not into flowers—I like things that are more musky and masculine."

—as told to ITG

Pernille Teisbaek photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Copenhagen on August 11, 2016.