Isabel Halley, Ceramicist


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"Hi! I'm Isabel Halley (@isabelhalleyceramics). I was born and raised in NYC and I moved to Brooklyn last year. I'm a ceramicist who makes porcelain things for a living—I'm supporting myself doing it as of June 2016 and I go to my studio in Carroll Gardens M-F just like a regular girl. My favorite thing about my job, especially this month, is that I really get to play and create as I ready my collection for spring. My least favorite thing about my job this month is that the clay dries my skin out like CRAZY. I have lizard hands if I don't moisturize before and for hours after work. I layer lotions on my hands the way I layer serums on my face. Since art school I've used Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. It drys quickly and the eucalyptus soothes itchiness. I usually put calendula on my knuckles and cuticles before bed, followed by Pai Fragonia Instant Hand Therapy.

I'm pretty obsessed with Top Shelfies and have been for some time—women's medicine cabinets have always been interesting to me. Over the years reading ITG and going through my friends' bathrooms, I've seen women use their fancy candle husks as catch-alls for their brushes, eyeliners, ect. Simultaneously, I've had many women buy my cups for the purpose of keeping their tall bits and bobs. I saw a need that I wanted to fill—a totally fantastic-smelling candle that turns into a beautiful, functional vessel—so I made my candle. I really wanted to make my mark in one of my favorite places in people's homes—their medicine cabinets.

My own beauty approach is polarized, but I'm much more inspired by the beauty aisle of a health food store than I am by Bloomingdale's or CVS. I use a Mater Charcoal Tea Tree Soap Bar in the morning, to wash away the cobwebs. It preps my face for toner—either Dr. Hauschka or some kind of rosewater from a health food store. Then I get real. My serum of choice right now is Regenica, with synthetic human growth something or other. Once that's dry, I put on Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. If I have a blemish, which I often do, I spot treat it with Skinceuticals Age and Blemish Defense. It really does nuke the sucker. I get dressed while that sinks in, and then I slather on the Remede Alchemy Moisture Emulsion. I top all of that off with Skinceuticals Tinted Sunscreen. The first time I used it, I ran into someone from middle school on the subway who told me that my skin was glowing. Game over.

After skincare, I take myself over to the brightest part of my bedroom where I keep my makeup. I'd been using W3ll People Bio-Correct Concealer, and I really did like it, but then my mom got me Clé de blahblah concealer for Christmas. That stuff is incredible. It's super creamy, goes on so smooth, blends like whoa, and is not noticeable. It's like the delete button. My other favorite thing is Nars Orgasm. It's the perfect flush of color with the tiniest luminescence. I use it every day because I'm very pale, and if I don't, I look like I have the flu. I'm also a huge fan of their 413 Bleecker Blush. It's a gorgeous hot pink color that makes me look like a freaking beautiful seven year old. Gross? Maybe. But all I care about when it comes to beauty is looking like I am naturally gorgeous. After blush, I use Glossier Haloscope and Boy Brow and I'm all set.

I only use natural deodorants. I feel strongly about not using aluminum, but I'm also a potter so it's perfectly normal to have a bit of B.O. I rotate between Dr. Hauschka Liquid Roll On Rose Deodorant, The Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Lavender, and Lucky Tiger Head to Tail, which is a spray. I think the most effective one is The Healthy one, but I love Lucky Tiger because I can spray it all over the place. My winter body lotion is Alba Botanica Unscented Original Body Lotion. It's a big bottle which inspires me to use a lot of it. I also swear by my Benadryl Anti-Itch Spray. If I feel any sort of itch coming on I spray it on the affected area and I'm all good. I can't fall asleep if it isn't by my bed.

My best beauty tip is how I got my hair to grow when I was getting ready for my wedding. I used Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle on my scalp 20 minutes before I washed my hair. I'd give myself a vigorous scalp massage, and right before getting in the shower I'd brush a small amount of L'Huile de Leonor Greyl through the lower half of my hair. Then, shampoo with Crème Moelle de Bambou right away. No conditioner, just those steps and I swear, it protects your hair as you grow it out. I started six months before I got married and I gained three inches, after two trims. My hair is naturally wavy so I always blow it out with a round brush after I wash it, which I only do twice a week. Then, before bed, I pull all my hair to the top of my head, twist it around into a high bun, and pin it with a couple of bobby pins. In the morning I take the pins out and I have the perfect wavy bedhead. I've shared this secret with lots of women, and they're all very grateful."

—as told to ITG