Edith Young, Editorial Assistant, Outdoor Voices


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"Hi! I’m Edith Young (@edithwyoung). I'm the Editorial Assistant at Outdoor Voices, an NYC-based activewear company, which means I have my hands in many pots...I currently shoot photos, maintain our Instagram and Snapchat channels, and generally assist our brilliant Director of Editorial and Content with all things creative and photographic. But I also try to keep my side hustle strong, so in my downtime you can find me writing about throwback fashion history for Man Repeller or shooting photo essays for Teen Vogue. Right now I'm wrapping up a multimedia story for the fall issue of Cherry Bombe, working on writing, photos, and illustrations simultaneously for the piece.

I’ve worked on fashion, beauty, food, art, sports, and culture stories, but I’m most interested in making ideas about art, photography, and design accessible and compelling to a reader who might not know about the subjects—like in this piece I wrote about Philip Johnson's Lipstick Building when I interned for Into The Gloss. I'm self-taught in beauty. I’ve never even seen my mother wear makeup—although she passed on to be a pretty sophisticated sense for perfume that skews unisex. She wears Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumée Green Tea, which I don’t think can be topped. Otherwise, I'm a beauty amateur. And I'm very particular about which products I use. I test them out by going down to the Barney's beauty basement and asking for specific skin recommendations...It can feel like the Wild West down there if you don't go in with a motive.

Usually, I’ll wash my face with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser before getting in the shower, and then put on a mask—currently I'm rotating between Erborian Pâte au Ginseng Black and Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask—rinsing it off before getting out. Post-shower, my legs get doused in Thayers Alcohol-Free Unscented Witch Hazel, which is easier to apply and more effective than cream moisturizer, in my opinion. Baxter Deodorant, though, is my hero product. The guys at Saturdays Surf talked me into it a while ago and I haven’t looked back. They told me all the surfers swear by it, because the aluminum- and alcohol-free formula is gentle on sensitive skin. Plus, the unisex scent could inspire a Nirvana song.

I'll spray Bumble and bumble Primer Tonic Lotion in my hair and blow it dry. I still use this amazing Mason Pearson child’s brush...it has a Queen’s Guard from Buckingham Palace still slightly legible on the back. I detangle with the Aerin Travel Ivory Comb when my hair’s still wet—small but mighty grooming tools. My hair is pretty long and I keep it that way. As a kid, I had a very impressive bowl cut. I once unloaded all of my grief onto a boy at the playground who mistook me for a fellow boy, yelling, 'Would a boy wear pearl buttons on his sweater?' Episodes like these explain why my hair will never crop up above my shoulders again.

Going to work, I'll usually feather my brows with Boy Brow in Brown and apply Glossier Priming Moisturizer on damp skin, plus some lip balm. If I'm going out at night, I'll put some Kimara Ahnert Mineral Illuminator Concealer in Peach on my undereyes, and then Glossier Skin Tint in Medium. After that, Ciaté London Precious Metal Eyeshadow Duo in Lincoln Road for maximum eyelid glitter, and Glossier Haloscope in Topaz on my cheekbones. I like my lipstick like I like my photo paper—semi matte. Nars' are my favorites...Barbarella, Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Schiap. I like how these unsubtle shades make my lips look bigger. The only blush I have on hand is L’Oréal’s True Match Super Blendable Blush in Baby Blossom, which I bought for the express purpose of dressing up as Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan for Halloween. I highly recommend it if you find yourself in this situation.

I stopped getting manicures during my Foundation year at RISD, when my fingernails were black with charcoal and ink for two semesters. I prefer the natural look of clean, unpolished nails, anyway. I do get pedicures and I've recently discovered Tenoverten in my neighborhood, which has made getting nails done more of a treat than an errand. I always have Essie's stalwart Fiji in my medicine cabinet, although the last time I got a manicure, I went to pick out a color and felt so overwhelmed by all the colors I wanted to try. But then I relaxed. I mean, how many daily decisions do you get to make where there's a bounty of choices but all of the options are great?"

—as told to ITG