Martha Hunt, Model


“This is me giving away all my secrets but I love an oxygen serum. I don’t even know if it works—maybe it’s a placebo thing—but it makes my skin feel so much plumper. My favorite serum is Knutek 100% Oxygen Plasma. And before the VS show, we get oxygen facials from Mzia Shiman. In general, my skin is dry so it helps me pump up the moisture level. During the summer, my skin looks great, but when the weather gets colder, I need to slather on things like Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream and Decleor Oil. I’m like a lizard! So when I’m traveling, I like to have all of those with me on the plane. And the Colbert MD Sheet Masks. They instantly brighten me up.

Right now, I’m wearing the Victoria’s Secret makeup uniform—a bronzy smoky eye because it really makes the blue pop in your eyes, glowy skin, and a little bit of stain on the lips. And the Victoria’s Secret Paris Rollerball! But I think I’m coming into my own with makeup, so now I’ll do more sophisticated things like try a red lip with a minimal eye. The Revlon Love Is On Lipstick is what I’ve been using lately. And a little bit of a contour… Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow or Kevin Aucoin’s Creamy Glow Duo are both great.

My go-to if I have to run to an appointment, meeting, or something after I land—is brows and lips. Because honestly, I think I’m fine without mascara. Sometimes I think mascara can age you, which sounds weird but you just have to be careful not to put on too much. For brows, I use a Laura Mercier brow pencil in Blonde. It’s just a brush and then I soften it with my finger or a Q-tip. I’ll also do the same thing with lip liner—in like a natural color—I will use the Lip Cheat Charlotte Tilbury ones. I think the trick is to soften the line with your finger or a Q-Tip so it’s not such a hard line and it look more like a natural lip shade."

—as told to ITG

Martha Hunt photographed by Tom Newton at John F. Kennedy International Airport on November 26, 2016.