CC Cream Is A Scam, Except For This One


First of all, CC cream is not really a thing. Like BB cream, which is equally as dubious, CC started out as a marketing tactic that blossomed into a beauty product trend cycle. It stands for Color Correcting. And while there are some CC products that are actually shaded appropriately for complexion concerns, most products labeled CC cream are really just tinted moisturizers. Remember when BB went from standing for Blemish Balm to the infinitely more vague Beauty Balm? The industry is lying to us daily, which would be frustrating, unless it sometimes gave us amazing products like It Cosmetics Full Coverage CC Cream. CC Cream is a scam, but this is easily one of the best coverage products of all time.

It's hard to pin down as either a foundation or a skincare product because it exists in between the two categories. It's a legitimate SPF 50, thanks to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide protecting your delicate face from broad spectrum damage. The formula is also extremely conditioning, but more like a hydrating serum than a moisturizer—the second inactive ingredient is snail secretion filtrate (!) which is brimming with things like hyaluronic acid and peptides. Your skin drinks it all up like Vitamin Water.

And the coverage. It's the exact kind of melty, dewy, Your Skin But Better™ product that you want come winter, when just the idea of going outside makes a layer of your face fall off. No caking by any means. The tube says full coverage, but we'll put it at medium for now, depending on how you blend it out. (Beautyblender recommended but not mandatory—it plays nicely with everything.)

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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